Nicole Gibbs gets engaged to boyfriend Jack Brody at the place of their first kiss

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Nicole Gibbs is now an engaged woman and tennis fans have the privilege of seeing her special love moments in photos, thanks to A Tale Ahead Photography and the WTA star sharing her engagement pics on Instagram. Her boyfriend Jack Brody proposed the traditional way, by getting on his knee and showing the ring at Stanford.

The 24-year-old Gibbs emotionally commented:

No photo could ever capture the perfection of this moment… but this one comes close. Thank you, Jack Brody, for bringing me back to the place where we shared our first kiss over 6 years ago, and for making this day so much more than I ever could have dreamed of. I love you so much. 2.10.2018

Last year Nicole and Jack purchased their first house, moving from a 650 sq ft apartment into a proper home in Los Angeles. The bond between them is obviously very strong and Nicole even credits Jack for helping her overcome depression, which she talked about in a recent Telegraph interview.

My boyfriend’s been great in reminding me to keep active and work through this stuff and not wallowing in it. If I’m ever laboring or seem like I’m down, he’ll drag me out and make me go the beach and hang out or something.

It’s nice to see that the 2016 and 2017 wedding boom is continuing in 2018 and I’m glad to add Nicole & Jack to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page.


  1. Thanks Marija. Its Valentines Day coming so may be we receive some information about other couples like Caro last year.

  2. Bbr1979, you’re right! Also, we may get news about Ana Ivanovic’s baby. As I remember, she’s expected to deliver in February!

  3. Bbr1979, oh wow, thanks for the info! I’ll post about them ASAP! You know I’m lagging behind a bit because of my baby 🙂

  4. Dear Marija, huge congratulations to you, your man and all family. Family is most important part of our life. I dont know what is your country but think most people will agree with that point like absolute majority of russians do.


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