Vollaix 2018 black-and-whites, timeless pieces for your tennis endevours


Women’s Tennis Blog’s long-time reader Emmanuel Damian introduced me to an Atlanta-based rising tennis clothing brand Vollaix and since I always like to learn about new tennis fashion companies, I got in touch with them and received a nice package containing their white Juliet Dress, black polo shirt and two matching visors, as you may have already seen if you follow WTB on Instagram.

First things first, you must be wondering what Vollaix means. My French is at an intermediate level and I thought it must be some French word, but it’s not! Vollaix means nothing, the owner played with the word “volley” and created the original name for his brand.

At this moment, the women’s collection is predominantly black and white, featuring a number of items whose traditional aesthetic of pleats and collars exudes a contemporary vibe thanks to their high-quality sports polyester and stitched details. The collared, sleeveless Juliet Dress is the company’s masterpiece, featuring nice curved stitching at back, all-around pleats and two buttons with the Vollaix name on them.


How awesome is the design of the Vollaix Jill Jacket! I love the high neck, center chest panel that unzips on the right side, figure-flattering chest detail and curved hem. A contrasting Vollaix logo is a nice touch — have a closer look, the circular logo is actually a tennis ball with “V” on it.

This black Vollaix Skort has a classic pleated silhouette that never goes out of style. Vollaix also offers a range of accessories — different kinds of socks, hats, and even a retro-inspired vest – but the best accessory for ladies is this Vollaix Visor that includes a contrasting adjustable back clip.

What do you think about Vollaix? Are you going to Vollaix your way into the world of black-and-white tennis fashion?



  1. Thank you so much Marija! I just love Vollaix’s classic look. There’s so much in store for this year and I hope the readers will tune in at the developments of the blog.

  2. Emmanuel Damian, thank you for introducing me to Vollaix! I love the black and white range of clothes and I’m looking forward to following the development of the brand.


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