Caroline Wozniacki x OVVO optics take sunglasses to new heights


Caroline Wozniacki partnered with OVVO optics to create 11 stunning silhouettes of sunglasses in an exclusive eyewear collection. When I first saw Caro’s promo images on Twitter, I immediately fell in love with all the designs, especially the Anika model and I simply had to have them. The sunglasses arrived today and I couldn’t be more excited to share my impressions!

The Caroline Wozniacki x OVVO women’s collection features seven wearable styles, each available in three colorways. The shapes are sophisticated, unique and elegant, ranging from a striking butterfly frame to an oversized version of the Dane’s go-to pair of aviators. I’m so glad that the Anika model, inspired by art and architecture, fits me perfectly, just as I assumed when I first saw it online. The model is available in gold, graphite and black — I picked gold, the same one Caro is wearing in the photo above. My other favorite silhouettes are Freja and Inga.

Chic and contemporary Freja model

You can see how beautiful and chic the sunglasses are, but what you can’t see is how incredibly lightweight they are! Can you believe they weight just 0.6 oz (17 g)? They feel like paper! However, that doesn’t mean they are not sturdy. The frames are made from surgical steel and titanium composite originally used for spacecraft technology, ensuring durability and consistency.

Inga model — understated, modern luxury at its best

What’s more, the sunglaases boast OVVO’s patented screwless hinge that is capable of withstanding pulling force of 45 lbs (20 kg). That’s so awesome, as I’m tired of my screws getting loose over time. The lenses, equipped with anti-reflective inner coating, offer 100% UV protection.

Margareta Augustyn, co-founder of OVVO, commented on the collaboration with the 2018 Australian Open champion:

Just like designing a pair of glasses, the key to a successful game is to start with a solid foundation and then spend time perfecting your craft. We were inspired by Caroline’s strong sense of self, her competitive spirit and her commitment to being the best. Teaming up with her has been a perfect match.

Aviator-style Sienna model

Wozniacki didn’t forget about men! Her men’s collection includes four styles that reimagine classic men’s staples in slick, modern materials. Known for her agility and finesse on the court, Wozniacki’s touch is seen on every pair of frames, rendering them sporty yet sophisticated; suitable for athletes and CEOs alike.

Last but not least, the sunglasses, made in the EU, come with a sleek white transformable case, which can be flattened out so that the case occupies minimum space in your bag while you’re wearing the shades. This feature is such a revelation, as my previous chunky Gucci case occupied half of my bag.

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons, but I’m looking forward to the sunny days even more now that I have these outstanding sunglasses.


  1. Sorry, to be more specific: “are they available online for Europe?” I can’t find the shipping information on tehir web site.

  2. These frames are amazing and stunning with variety of shades and shapes in them. They give a sporty look with luxurious touch that is very elegant when we wear on a sunny day.

  3. These frames and glasses look amazing. It looks beautiful to wear. Its Shade Tree Sunglasses also look beautiful to wear. Thanks a lot.


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