Sania Mirza pregnant after eight years of marriage

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Amidst quite a bit of controversy, Indian Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik in April 2010 and the power couple is now joyfully expecting their first child.

The 31-year-old Mirza took to her 25-million following on social media to announce her pregnancy, posting an image of a baby bottle and infant bodysuit hanging between T-shirts bearing her and her husband’s names. The 36-year-old Malik shared the same image on his accounts.

The six-time doubles Grand Slam champion hasn’t revealed the stage of her pregnancy and neither has she referenced her post-baby career plans. We haven’t seen Mirza on the WTA courts since the China Open in September last year, as the Indian has been sidelined by a knee injury.

I’m glad we’re getting baby news from Mirza and Malik, since they’ve been married for so long. I bet India is ecstatic, as Mirza is one of their most famous and influential athletes — their first tennis player to win a WTA singles title (Hyderabad 2005) and their first WTA player to reach the No.1 doubles ranking (April 2015).


  1. This will cause a big issue in both India and Pakistan. I am still familiar with the politics of India. Congrats to Sania though.high expectations for the kid to be either a cricketer or a tennis player.

  2. P!nky, what do you think will happen? I mean, they’ve been married for so long, it’s far from a surprise.


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