US Open releases statement on Serena’s lost temper in the final


Serena Williams lost the 2018 US Open final and her bid for WTA record-equaling 24th Grand Slam title to spectacular Naomi Osaka, but the 20-year-old’s impressive tennis and emphatic victory were somewhat overshadowed by her opponent’s tantrums and fight with chair umpire Carlos Ramos.

The US Open released an official statement on the women’s singles final:

On the fifth point in the second game of the second set between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, the chair umpire witnessed coaching taking place from Williams’ coach. Even though her coach has admitted to coaching, Williams has made it clear that she did not receive any coaching. Nevertheless, in accordance with the rules, Williams was assessed a code violation, resulting in a warning.

At the completion of the fifth game of the second set, Williams was assessed a second code violation for racquet abuse, which required a point penalty.

At the changeover, at 4-3, Williams was assessed a third code violation for verbal abuse in the judgment of the umpire, which then required a game penalty.

The chair umpire’s decision was final and not reviewable by the Tournament Referee or the Grand Slam Supervisor who were called to the court at that time.

It’s a shame that boos rang around Arthur Ashe Stadium even when trophy presentation began, even though the audience’s dissatisfaction was not aimed at Osaka but at a sense of injustice against home favorite Serena. Still, in my opinion, the bizarre situation only enhanced Osaka’s victory, as she successfully handled both the powerful opponent and the partisan atmosphere. Despite threatening her opponent’s victory by bringing in uncalled-for chaos, we have to give Williams credit for intervening after the match:

Let’s not boo any more. Congratulations Naomi. No more booing.


  1. 100%, Lisha! What have Americans become where they think they can treat another human being in that way and say it’s for justice??? Naomi was so graceful and her team and her almost had a look of sadness that her time had to be like this. I was teared up for her and hope this doesn’t ruin her inner spirit bc, if it were me, I know it would. I wish her many more Grand Slam victories that she can look back on with all positivity.

  2. I can’t believe this .. Everyone of y’all should be ashamed of your selfs !! Espcially serena this poor girl looked up to you ..A Real champion knows how to handle defeat stoically with out stealing the lime light and recognition from the victor .Naomi congrats darling you was awesome !! Sorry there are ignorant people in in the world… Wow is all I can say .. Naomi is the winner instead she gets boos on what’s suppose to be the best day of her life !! Its b’s hold your head high baby girl .

  3. I’m sorry, but I am so over Serena now. She may be a great tennis player but her behaviour as reported looks like she is very selfish and egotistical. I can’t believe she has once again managed to make the final all about her even though she didn’t win, and spoil things comprehensively for poor Naomi. And then to argue that her behaviour is somehow justified because she is a woman or black or a mother or something. It is nothing to do with that, it’s just bad behaviour. If only she would retire and shut up.

  4. I am very disappointed with the way American and Serena behave at this year’s US OPEN…..I notice that bigger dramas seem to follow her more often in this particular Grand Slam than the other three especially when she lost the match.

    I think Serena really wants to give her best in US Open cause she performs in front of her own crowd and that somehow puts her emotion on the edge thus she becomes more intense….

    I dont know why Serena brought it all to a whole new level by saying words like “I dont cheat”, “I have a daughter”, “you stole a point”, “we have an understanding”……these are all unnecessary and just weaken her case…..She should have just kept it cool and focus on what she does best and that is fighting back on the second set.

    Having said that, Naomi plays like crazy!!! Just like when Sharapova beat her in Wimbledon 2004 and Muguruza beat her in French Open 2016….but again, maybe she is way too invested in this one because everyone thought she had it.

    I hope Serena will be locked at 23 titles…..It is time for new generation to wake up and change the game for the better….personally I dont want to spend a lifetime of mine seeing only a player or two dominate the game.

    Just my thought.

  5. I think some of the booing are from fans who are sick of Serena/Oprah’s bad, anti-social, anti-good sportsman like behavior. Quit coddling this billionaire, don’t need tennis, superstar with a massive ego to match her massive bustline and derriere measurements and industrial strength sports bra.

  6. Really applaud the chair umpire who had to put up with the berating and profanity from one of the Williams sisters. When is this broad going to gain control of her temper and unprofessional, on-court behavior. The real hero are the authority figures who stand up to this recalcitrance and absorb the verbal abuse and embarrassment. As an American, I have been appalled by Williams’ behavior for over a decade, and yet the media groupies and brown nosers continue to alibi for her borderline threatening behavior….they have for years. She is a disgrace. I take a knee for the chair umpire and the Asian linesman who Serena threatened to kill and send a tennis ball down her throat.

  7. What country does Naomi live in? Where did she learn to play tennis? Where does she spend the most time, which country? Someone ask her and ask her father why he chooses to have his daughter play for a foreign land/country? Another immigration law scandal in the making?????

  8. Ricardo – her father is Haitian (by birth) and her mother is Japanese. She was born in Japan. She holds dual Japanese-US citizenship, as her family moved to the US when she was young. She lives in Florida.

    The last question does not deserve to be dignified with a response.

  9. Mr. Gasquet, why should it matter what country Naomi Osaka plays for? That will never change her nationality or genealogy. She is both Haitian and Japanese but plays for Japan. It’s interesting you’re not mad because she didn’t play as a Haitian, yet you keep bringing up her father, who’s not American. I don’t care one bit what country a tennis player plays for; that’s not what draws me in. It’s all about their ability to play the sport well, and do so consistently. Perhaps you’re disappointed because she did at one time play as an American, I don’t know. However, what country she plays for should not be a concern, as she’s breaking no immigration laws. I suggest you google why she elected to play professional tennis representing Japan and then perhaps you’ll understand her choice. Afterward, hopefully, you’ll drop that subject and simply congratulate Naomi Osaka on her amazing win.

  10. Regarding Naomi’s father: her father, Mr. Leonard Francois, is not just Haitian by birth, he is of Haitian descent/full-blooded Haitian. Google info about her father and you’ll be schooled, he’s every bit Haitian, not just by birth. Much respect to him and his Haitian-Japanese daughter. Congrats!

  11. Congrats to Naomi for winning the title, I am sure she is very happy.

    Brief note about Serena, I personally don’t like either Williams sister. I feel they get too much media attention and never give enough to their opponents. The american media needs to stop inflating her ego. So Serena is a dominate player and a star, she still needs to follow the rules just like all the rest.
    Ricardo, has far was Naomi past is concerned it doesn’t matter what country she lives in or represents, it’s about the country she feels the most connection too.

  12. No, Pinky. Osaka doesn’t play for Japan because she has more of a connection to that particular country. Japan offered more financial support to her when the US wouldn’t/didn’t, despite their (Japan) well known discrimination against Black-Japanese offspring and racist views regarding them. Haiti is impoverished, so she couldn’t take that route either. You’re on the internet; google and do your research to get the facts. History was made in more ways than one on the court that day. “Congrats, beautiful Haitian-Japanese princess, Naomi Osaka!”

  13. Tantrums ,anger insults how old is she 3,13 or going on 36 yes ,yes she may be famous but even then we don’t behave like that just because we are losing. Time to grow up or leave. She has given ladies tennis a bad name. And commentators stop taking her side.

  14. I can understand that men have gotten away with bad behavior and tennis in the past. But that does not give the right for Serena to act the way she did. I really believe that she was frustrated because she knew she was losing. Also mentioning her daughter had nothing to do with anything. She is obviously going through something because she has been in the media every day for no apparent reason. Lastly she took away the win from her opponent with her stunt. She has to take a step back and get her self together and come back when she is mentally and physically ready. Serena you are a superior athlete. Either get back to fighting form or retire and enjoy the wonderful life that God has gifted you . ????????

  15. The booing was not for Naomi, neither was it for Ramos (he didn’t show at the ceremony), then guess for whom it was. Bingo. SHE WAS THINKING THAT A BOO FOR HER WAS SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE.
    The worst of the worse was when Serena , in an interview – VERY FAR from the heat of the court – came once more against Carlos Ramos. Now this is a big disgrace, and a measure of Serena’s overgrown ego. She believed herself supported by two or three opinions in her favor, and she charged forward like a rhinoceros.
    When the umpires – very wise and serious professionals – discuss wheter or not to umpire Serena anymore, you should think that Serena was very probably WRONG. But she keeps on charging forward, like a hippo.
    So much for her civic culture.


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