Agnieszka Radwanska rents apartments in Krakow


The Radwanska sisters are expanding their empire way beyond tennis. Just days after Urszula received the Polish Businesswoman Award in Warsaw, for her UR brand in the category “Leader of Elegant and Functional Bags”, I’m hearing that Agnieszka opened Aga Tennis Apartments in her hometown of Krakow.

What’s interesting is that the accommodation facility celebrates Agnieszka’s career, as the decor references her brightest tennis moments and contains personal souvenirs. This Singapore suite, for example, is a tribute to Aga’s 2015 triumph at the WTA Finals in Singapore.

The apartments are located in 4, Krotka Street.

The highest-ranked Polish player is currently ranked No.74, largely due to her ongoing troubles with injuries. (source: Love, Michal)


  1. OMG this sounds absolutely dreadful. Is that the only way she could think of decorating an apartment? Perhaps it’s time for her to move on from tennis.

  2. CLT – I’m here at the moment and the Apartments are fabulous. Extremely tasteful and immaculately kept and managed. The Tennis theme is very well balanced and not in any way intrusive, actually quite understated. You should give them a try. @agatennisapartments


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