Cori Gauff’s strong mind & wicked serve lead her to a routine win over Venus Williams at Wimbledon

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In a match featuring the oldest and the youngest players in the draw, 15-year-old qualifier Cori Gauff, ranked 313th in the world, impressed against 39-year-old five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams, taking the legend out on the first day of the grass-court Grand Slam 6-4 6-4 on No.1 Court.

Cori Gauff Wimbledon 2019

Both players were solid in the first set, but Gauff was exceptional, even though it was only her second main-draw appearance at a Grand Slam and on the other side of the net was her idol, a grass-court specialist who has had a minimal number of losses on the surface. The youngster converted what turned out to be the only break point in the entire set to lead 3-2, consolidated the lead with a love hold and kept the high level, not allowing the nerves to step in. In the entire first set, Gauff hit just two unforced errors, one of which was a double fault, compared to Williams’ 13, while she also hit more winners than her much more experienced opponent, 10 to Williams’ 6.

Wearing a stunning New Balance Summer Tournament Dress, Gauff continued to impose her power in the second set, going 4-2 up, and even though Williams recovered to 4-4, Gauff again showed her fearlessness and broke Williams’ serve from deuce in the thrilling ninth game. Serving for the match, Gauff hung in there and despite missing three match points, she used the forth one and recorded a historic victory that brought tears to her eyes. 


  1. As much as I love the living legend Venus, congrats to Coco Gauff, whom I also love a lot. Coco is amazing and needs to not ever be compared to anyone except herself. The only thing I find very similar to Venus is her face and body build; they actually look like sisters and bare a very striking resemblance. No, she’s not the next Serena (many said that about Sloane and others, which is just ridiculous because Serena Williams is undoubtedly incomparable). Coco’s simply, as she put, herself! Venus did sound nasal and congested during her press conference, so I’m thinking perhaps she wasn’t at 100%. However, all the credit to the up and coming champ: Cori “Coco” Gauff!!! She’s’ the total package, and oh, so very humble, well-mannered, intelligent, focused, confident, Godly, and fierce.

  2. The Real Deal, Coco was so impressive yesterday. As much as I enjoyed her strong game, I was even more stunned by her mental toughness. I mean, the girl had won her first main-draw match in March 2019!! And now she’s beaten Wimbledon legend Venus on a grand Wimbledon court just like that, without looking back. She had a small slip here and there. I watched her with an open mouth half of the time haha.

  3. Agreed, Marija. And now, Coco’s on fire out there in her 2nd round match against a 30-yr.-old. I’m rooting for her to bring home the check, title, and trophy. I mean, if Serena can do it at 17, certainly CoCo can do likewise. She is well on her way to many majors, as she has ALL the weapons, including no fear or intimidation. Love her! By the way, keep up the great work, Marija. Much success to you as well.

  4. So, Marija. Is Patrick also CoCo Gauff’s coach? I see he’s out there with her team. Looks like everybody’s coo-coo for Coco, and rightfully so! The world is raving over this teenage tennis phenom, and so am I. Coco may resemble Venus, but she her play is more like Serena’s. Nothing but fire coming off her racket! She plays smart tennis because she’s very wise; very precocious. She’s beautiful and amazing to watch. Every time I watch her play, I cry. The future is so bright for this young lady. I love her and her game! “Go, Cocoa, go!”

  5. The Real Deal, indeed, Coco has all the characteristics of a champion. She crushed Magdalena Rybarikova in the second round and several times the veteran was looking in disbelief. Yes, she’s coached by her father Corey and she trained at Patrick Mouratoglou’s academy (Patrick is also in the stands supporting Coco at Wimbledon). And thank you for the nice wishes! 🙂

  6. Yep, you’re right. I found out after my post that Coco trains with Patrick. That figures; good choice. I just wish she’d stay off social media the entire time while competing at Wimbledon. Today, she’s showing signs of nerves a bit and the errors are creeping in. However, I pray she’ll settle down and push forward to victory.

  7. The Real Deal, today she was still for the first set and a half, but oh my how she woke up and fought to victory! I can’t believe it. TBH, I was certain she would lose when Hercog had those match points in the second set.

  8. Yes, honestly I thought the same but remained very hopeful because of her fighting spirit. When she won that 2nd set, I was screaming and crying; and when she won the entire match, oh my, I lost it. That girl is a force to be reckoned with! I wouldn’t underestimate her at this point. Watch out, Halep!! I’m sure the entire world knows who Cori “Coco” Gauff is by now. Simply amazing!

  9. Oh, how’d Cocoa do in mixed doubles today? Or was that match today? I saw that Serena and Andy Murray won their match easily. Hurray!


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