Simona Halep plans to marry rich businessman Toni Iuruc


After dating former tennis player Radu Barbu, Romanian tennis star Simona Halep has found love with a 40-year-old businessman Toni Iuruc and the couple has decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Iuruc is originally from North Macedonia, but he owns six companies in Romania and has connections in the upper echelons of society. He is incredibly rich and a lot of sources even say that he is a billionaire, but some say that his earnings are simply on par with his girlfriend’s, whose career prize money amounts to $33.5 million, not including sponsorship deals, while overall, she’s the fourth richest female athlete in the world.

The word is out that Toni asked Simona’s father Stere for a permission to marry his daughter and while Toni was given a green light, Simona’s dad had one condition — the wedding has to be after next year’s US Open, as he wants Simona to play all four Grand Slams in 2020.

Although Simona is one of the most successful tennis players, with both the No.1 ranking and two major titles in her biography, the 28-year-old puts family and children before her career. As Tennis World USA reports, Halep talked about her romantic life in an interview for TVR1:

Now I am more relaxed and open. I have a dear person. We have a normal relationship, I feel very well. But I would like it to stay personal. I belong to Romania when it’s about tennis. Love and tennis can coincide, but I think personal life is the most important one. I am dating someone and I would never be able to sacrifice my family for tennis

Simona and Toni have been together for about a year. When it comes to the wedding, the bride would like it to be in her home country of Romania.

As I read at, Toni was married twice. First he was married to a model Arina for a short time, and then his second marriage to a woman named Liana lasted less than a year, reportedly because of her infidelity.

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  1. Love Simona. She is a terrific tennis player. Love means more than zero to a tennis player. Love brings happiness. Wishing her much happiness.


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