Dominika Cibulkova sticks to glamour as baby bump gets bigger


Dominika Cibulkova isn’t ditching elegant gowns and designer clothes now that her baby bump is taking up a considerable part of her petite body.

Nine days after announcing pregnancy in early December by sharing an ultrasound photo, the 30-year-old Cibulkova showed us her grown belly for the first time, as her husband Miso Navara was kissing the baby through the stomach. The caption reads: “This was a love story from the beginning.”

Later in December, the recently-retired Cibulkova wore a long black Victoria Beckham dress to a night gala where she was presenting awards to Slovak athletes.

While wishing her social media followers a Happy New Year and expressing her gratefulness for 2019, the former WTA star gave us a side look at her belly.

The latest update is from a Slovak charity event, “A Ball in the Opera”, where Domi and her husband looked like newlyweds. According to Domi’s Instagram, she was wearing a dreamy dress by Lukas Kimlicka.

Based on these latest pics, what do you think, when can we expect the baby to arrive? Maybe in two months? Or earlier?




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