Maria Sharapova visits Evian x Virgil Abloh collaboration party in New York


After having just three hours of sleep following her appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles, Maria Sharapova flew to New York City to attend an Evian water event at Milk Studios during New York Fashion Week.

Wearing wedges and a green midi-dress with side pockets, the Evian ambassador attended the water company’s promotional event launching an exclusive 750 ml glass bottle and two different colored SOMA refillable bottles as part of the Active Movement collection designed by Off-White’s Virgil Abloh in collaboration with the Alaska Alaska studio, a newly-formed research and development arm of the Abloh’s art and industrial practices.

Virgil Abloh is a famous designer, but in tennis circles he is known for creating Grand Slam outfits for Serena Williams — the tutu dresses for the 2018 US Open and last year’s black-and-white Roland Garros look.


  1. Iate, thank you so much for your input. As you may have read, I’ve transitioned to a new hosting company and am currently working on site speed optimization, so some technical glitches will be happening until we sort everything out. I promise, everything will be running smoothly in the next few days. The photo problem I’ll resolve most probably today.

  2. BTW Maria’s dress is seriously weird. There is edgy fashion and there is completely unflattering fashion, perhaps she is going a bit far in that direction?

  3. CLT, thank you for noting. Guys, please inform me when you notice such technical glitches, as I can’t always notice everything myself right away. In this case, photos were showing on my end.

    I don’t think the dress is “seriously weird”, although I love the expression 🙂 I agree the fit is not particularly flattering, but it’s ok for a casual look with those wedges.


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