Daria Gavrilova channels her inner Nicole Scherzinger, shares hilarious shower dance video

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Former WTA world No.20 Daria Gavrilova has not played since the 2019 US Open due to injuries and lack of motivation, the issues she described in detail in a recent interview for Behind the Racquet, but the Russian-born Australian is having a great time off the court, as we can conclude from her daily updates on social media. Her latest shower dance Instagram story speaks for itself.

The best thing is that Dasha doesn’t need much to make herself happy, as she can turn a slow weekend morning into an entertaining Saturday night in seconds, all by herself. God bless her for sharing these hilarious clips with us!

Is there a better thing to do at 8 a.m. than dance fully-clothed to Pussycat Dolls in the shower? I don’t think so. Thank you, Dasha, for the idea!

I definitely can’t spot the difference between Dasha and Nicole Scherzinger. Can you? 🙂

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