ACE Yeah! Back up this new tennis card game on Kickstarter!


While the courts were shut because of the coronavirus pandemic, tennis addict Anneka Lange invented a tennis card game called ACE Yeah!, a perfect entertainment while traveling, when the courts are rained off or for kids to get acquainted with tennis rules. Anneka’s creative project is on Kickstarter, but for the game to be manufactured, she needs a massive boost to reach her target number of pre-orders by August 12th.

A new court surface that will never be shut

ACE Yeah! provides 24 hours access to a tennis court, just on a different surface to what you are used to! CALLING ALL TENNIS LOVERS, the amateurs, the pros, the social sunday’ers, the uncoordinated and even the NON-TENNIS LOVERS that get a kick out of any competitive game! Finally your moment has arrived on court to beat the top seed friend or family member at tennis without having to perform any fancy footwork, except for the victory dance of course!

New balls, please!

ACE Yeah! holds three options of card games to play – Singles or Doubles – A game just like real tennis, serve, play attacking and defensive shots and challenge the call! Scored just like a tennis game, it’s perfect for beginners learning tennis rules. ‘Around the World’ is a super fast paced game for all ages, and also highly recommended for Friday nights entertainment with a glass or two!

Among the supporters of the game is Racquet, a quarterly magazine that celebrates art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis. Racquet have provided some great pledge rewards on the Kickstarter, including a tennis lesson with Rennae Stubbs!

Anneka’s friends have been super supportive, too. She had four of them dress up as characters for the game that she did a photoshoot with. She then used those photos to draw from for the different shots on the playing cards. Above you can see a pic from the photoshoot.

We think this game is GREAT, but we need your help making it even BETTER! So if you love tennis as much as we do, please go to Kickstarter to support this project and help Anneka complete it! For updates, follow @clubsaintmaurice on Instagram!


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