Tatjana Maria had a miscarriage?


In April, German world No.95 Tatjana Maria announced that she was expecting her second child, so many people were confused to see her in the US Open draw and then in her first-round loss to American Alison Riske.

Tatjana Maria of Germany

Announcing her second pregnancy, the 33-year-old Maria confirmed that she would definitely want to get back to tennis, but no one expected to see her back this soon. All this leads us to conclusion that she must have had a miscarriage. To further support this reasoning, Maria posted a black photo on Instagram on June 2nd.

Tatjana Maria with her daughter Charlotte at the 2017 ASB Classic

Tatjana Maria, formerly Tatjana Malek, married her coach Charles Edouard Maria in April 2013. In December that same year she gave birth to daughter Charlotte and was back on the tennis circuit by the following April.

Tatjana’s husband taking care of their child as she plays the 2019 BNP Paribas Open


  1. Michael Wilde, sure, you must be right about that. Then again, she wouldn’t have played the US Open had she still been pregnant. Right now she would’ve been some 6 months pregnant or more.

  2. She unfortunately had a miscarriage. It was said by the German Fedcup Captain Barbara Rittner while broadcasting from the US Open.


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