Australian Open apparel? NikeCourt launches spring 2021 tennis collection

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Unlike in previous years when in December the majority of new designs for the upcoming season had already been revealed, this year we’re entering the 2021 season without much talk about fresh tennis styles. Good news are coming from Nike, though, as the brand has launched the Spring 2021 collection which will most probably be worn at the Australian Open. Let’s have a look at what the sportswear giant has to offer.

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Colors purple, black and white dominate the collection. The abstract print looks like marble, but Nike states that it draws on the natural beauty of the Melbourne landscape, highlighting elements inspired by marine life and coral reefs.

The Nike Spring Victory Print Tank includes a cutout on the back and Dri-Fit technology to keep players comfortable and dry.

The Nike Spring Victory Print Skirt features a side slit that provides a greater range of motion while players run and slide.

Besides an all-over print look, the collection offers a variety of options for mixing and matching: you can go for a half-print look or a single-colored outfit.

The Nike Spring Victory Sleeveless Polo can be paired with the Nike Spring Victory Straight Skirt for a classic style. There is also the Flouncy Skirt in the same colors.

The collection also features the Nike Spring Advantage Short, which perfectly matches the printed tanks.

What would be your look from this collection? I would go for the purple printed tank and solid purple skort. For a more casual look I would pair the tank with the coral shorts.

New Nike apparel and shoes are available at Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe.

Update: This tweet shows more new Nike designs for 2021. Click through to see the entire thread.


  1. Do they not realise that Melbourne is not exactly famous for its coral reefs (or its marine life)? The coral reefs are thousands of miles away in Queensland! It’s just a abstract print (and pretty ugly in my view), bears no relation to marine life or coral.

  2. CLT, haha thanks for this insight about Australia. That is what their website states. This abstract print can be interpreted in many ways and if you open your mind I agree with Nike that you can see a coral reef in it. But I also understand your point, CLT.

  3. Nike is failing miserably on the design! I think Nike should stop with the print colors, and try experiment with color blocks!
    Is Nike Maria collection still releasing new designs?

  4. I’ll try not to be so critical about Nike designs because to be honest, I usually hate them at first sight but I don’t find them so awful on most players. I hope there’s more mix&match than the usual but that’s hopeless I guess, everyone will wear purple.

  5. Ian, I agree that colorblocks are the best look. I loved how Stella McCartney executed them for Adidas.

    As for Sharapova’s line, I don’t have info on that. We’ll see in the coming weeks whether some dress will be released. So far there’s nothing new.

  6. The single-colored outfits are classic. Something Li Na would wear if she were still playing. The marble-reef-abstract prints are a mess, especially the purple design. Vomit!!!

  7. The good thing is that there are a lot of options. If you hate prints, there are many single-colored tops and bottoms to choose from.

  8. Some sketches have come out showing a dress and separates. I think these basic tops will be the ‘in between slams’ outfits Nike get the players to wear as apposed what the girls will be wearing come AO but who knows really.

  9. Andy, I figured that this is the AO collection because on Nike’s website they say that the print is inspired by Melbourne.

    Baby Kong, thanks for the share. That person actually confirmed that this is the AO collection, at least these printed designs, but also showed some more outfits. I will probably add those to this article or write another one.

  10. Yes it looks like the printed top at the very least will be worn by some of the players. I actually hope they all wear the block colours as I feel like the prints last year were not a great success. We will have to wait and see.

  11. The women’s top and dress Baby Kong shared seems like Adidas style, right?
    They remind me a Wozniacki’s 2018 dress and last year AO outfits…


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