Naomi Osaka’s private jet photo angers followers


Naomi Osaka’s Christmas photo from a private jet provoked a slew of negative comments on social media.

The three-time Grand Slam champion and her boyfriend Cordae are wearing red checkered pajamas on a cozy flight. The 23-year-old captioned the photo by wishing a Merry Christmas in Japanese (“Merii Kurisumasu”), but this glimpse into her lifestyle angered a number of her Twitter followers.

Here are some comments that criticize Osaka’s decision to fly private:

Another rich celebrity showing of wealth in a manner which all of their fans will never be able to experience. This is the new norm, especially in America. The general perception is that wealth equals value, and it’s being drilled into people’s heads.

Merry Private Jet. America is dying…

Wow private jets… bet that’s good for the environment…

Private jet photo is not a good look.

Same prople that cry about global warming will all fly private. Don’t forget that!

Of course, a great number of people also defended Osaka, saying that she should enjoy her life and ignore the haters. Moreover, now that we’re in the pandemic, it’s much safer to avoid commercial flights if you can.

Flying private is definitely bad for the environment and should be avoided, but I think we are allowed to criticize only if we reject that luxury while being in the position to be able to afford it. What is your opinion?


  1. Wealth? That doesn’t look like a fancy private jet. It’s a small plane that you can’t even stand up. Gosh they are wearing pajamas, that is not showing off your wealth. Leave this woman alone. She is young and having fun. Stop hating.

  2. Osaka has a Haitian-American father and Japanese mother. She could have been an American due to her father’s citizenship but she chose to be Japanese. Merry Christmas in Japanese? She does not speak Japanese. She’s all BLM in the US? She has a Black American rapper boyfriend, that’s why she got all social justice. Why not go to Japan where the Japanese really look down on mixed-race children, which she is, and fight for social justice there? She is a phony. Young and having fun fine, but stop making her a “leader” in the BLM/racial crap.

  3. Mike I believe she has made a stand against the treatment of mixed-race children in Japan. On the other end of the scale Danielle Collins actually rents a car to drive to the next tournament on the mainland USA.


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