Dayana Yastremska in shock, gets a provisional doping ban!

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World No.29 Dayana Yastremska disturbed the tennis world today by revealing that she’s been provisionally suspended for failing a doping test. The Ukrainian can’t believe that this has happened to her and claims she has never used any prohibited substances.

A few days ago, Yastremska was informed by the International Tennis Federation that she had tested positive for mesterolone metabolite on 24 November 2020.

I am astonished and under shock, particularly given that two weeks prior to this test — on 9 November 2020 — I tested negative at the WTA event in Linz. After this last tournament of the year, I stopped practicing to rest prior to the start of the new season.

Since the concentration of the prohibited substance found in Yastremska’s urine is very low and since she had tested negative two weeks earlier, the 20-year-old has received scientific advice that the result is consistent with some form of contamination event. Another thing that works in the tennis player’s favor is that the substance is meant for use as medication by men, while women are advised not to use it due to the adverse effects it causes.

Yastremska is determined to sort out this situation with the help of her team and clear her name. She was charged with an anti-doping violation on 22 December, while the provisional suspension took effect today.


  1. While I will try and not cast judgement until we know more of the facts…its still very shocking. She has not had a good 12 months. Her reputation was already questionable at best but this will be very very hard to recover from.

  2. Andy, I can’t believe this. I genuinely believe that Dayana is innocent. She’s already so successful and why would she risk her career by taking some performance enhancing drugs on purpose. They vigorously test them all the time.

  3. I agree with you Marija, I cannot believe she did on purpose.

    But Andy is right : her reputation was not the best already. Besides, we all know that even if you are innocent, there will always be a doubt. Every achievment she could have in the future will be questionnable.

    Do you know if that means she’s out of the Australian Open?

  4. Gin, Dayana is waiting a hearing now and will miss the Australian Open, that’s what I read in Australian news.

  5. Not a fan of her, especially since that Hua Hin final vs Tomjlanovic, but she is talented, I do see her rising in couple more years. Wish her the best


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