Lacoste launches Spring 2021 tennis dress


In time for the Australian Open, Lacoste launches a new tennis dress as part of their Spring 2021 collection.

Traditional style with modern updates has always been Lacoste’s approach. Their first tennis dress in 2021 is a classic V-neck silhouette with subtle textural details such as mesh inserts at neckline, upper back and bottom skirt. Some contrast is provided by white lining at armholes and a horizontal stripe at skirt. The keyhole cutout at upper back has a curved triangular shape.

Lacoste also released this plain white hoodie, which players can wear on their way to the court. It is a basic piece suitable for everyday activities, since it is 87% cotton and 13% polyester.

The new dress is beautiful and a great choice for regular tennis players, but it can’t stand out on the competitive WTA fashion scene. In my opinion, Lacoste’s Fall 2020 collection remains their best collection in recent years. What do you think? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Typical classic and elegant Lacoste. Nothing groundbreaking but thats not their thing. I hope it also comes in white though as dark navy is not a very smart choice for the Australian heat.

  2. Somehow, Men’s Lacoste designs are far more innovative, the designs + colors arw just spot on (despite being limited to crew, polo and henley)
    This dress is very basic, nothing unique about it, and yes the navy color is too hot for australian heat.
    The best design from women’s Lacoste was that RG Asymmetric dress from last year

  3. Andy, the dress is very simple, but it does have nice details. Even though it won’t stand out on the WTA scene, it is a good dress for regular tennis players.

    Ian, that white and light blue asymmetric dress would’ve been perfect for the AO in terms of colors.


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