Serena Williams demonstrates the “greatest serve of all time” in slow motion

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Serena Williams’ iconic serve is one of the fastest and most powerful in women’s tennis. It’s one of the main reasons she’s dominated tennis for as long as most current professional players can remember. The 23-time Grand Slam champion’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou is obviously proud of her skills and took to Instagram to show in slow motion what he considers to be the “greatest serve of all time.”

This clip was taken during Serena’s preparation for the Adelaide International in January 2020.

Serena’s lean, muscular body plays a big role in her serve speed. However, perfection was achieved after countless repetitions and absolute dedication, as Patrick pointed out in a follow-up comment:

Millions of hours of work on every single detail in order to produce the perfect motion, that will lead to the perfect execution, that will lead to the perfect efficiency.

The famous coach accompanied the short video with a cover made by Emily Watts to French artist Edith Piaf’s song La Vie En Rose. (via Tennis World USA)


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