Clijsters withdraws from Miami and Charleston due to lack of preparation

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Less than two weeks after announcing a comeback at the Miami Open and Volvo Car Open as a wildcard, Kim Clijsters is withdrawing from both tournaments because of an unsatisfactory level of physical fitness.

Kim Clijsters
Kim Clijsters at the 2020 Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, one of three tournaments she played last season

The four-time Grand Slam champion Clijsters had ended an eight-year absence from competitive tennis in 2020, but she has played just three matches since. The Miami Open was supposed to be her first tournament in over six months. Unfortunately, the 37-year-old hasn’t managed to adequately prepare for upcoming challenges, so she’s decided to postpone the return.

In October, Clijsters underwent a right knee surgery to repair damage that accumulated through the course of her long career. The rehab progressed well, but in January she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and even though the symptoms were mild, the disease disrupted her training schedule. Despite intensive training in the last few weeks, the veteran is not as fit as she needs to be to feel comfortable on the WTA Tour.

Even though this mom of three is facing a lot of setbacks, she’s determined to continue her illustrious career:

It’s disappointing and frustrating. I knew this was going to be hard when I started this journey – and there have been challenges that are out of my control. I’m not ready to quit … I’m going to keep pushing and see what’s possible.

In the next three to six weeks, Clijsters will undergo some pain management treatment and then make a decision about her future schedule.


  1. Oh, poor Kim 🙁 I hope she’ll manage to come back. She played really good at her last year matches
    (And Hi to you Marija, after a while, I found bravery to comment)

  2. Love Kim, but I dont think she is fit to win big matches anymore, its been too long since she is out of the game, the level of power players are rising rapidly, and I dont think Kim can defend that well anymore.

  3. Mateusz, she’s obviously very motivated, which is amazing. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for her to juggle all the family responsibilities and also find time to train and compete professionally. Regarding your commenting, why are you shy? Feel free to comment whenever you feel like saying something. We are not judgmental here.

    Ian, she obviously can’t go far any longer, but it’s good to see her around. She’s also inspiring and motivating women.


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