I Am Wonder Woman: Venus Williams’ tennis collection for superheroines


Venus Williams has released a new set of superhero-inspired clothes as part of the EleVen Wonder Woman collection first launched last summer ahead of the Western & Southern Open.

venus williams wonder woman eleven

The older Williams sister is celebrating a superhero in every woman. The EleVen sports apparel brand incorporated Wonder Woman’s beauty, strength and compassion into a collection primed to give you the confidence for your next challenge. Just like the previous Wonder Woman collection, the bold and shiny clothes feature rhinestones and gold details.

Talking about the fictional character from the comic books, Venus said:

What inspires me are the things that she stands for: morals, values, justice, friendship, honor. All those different things she stands for, those are values that are timeless, they never get old, they never wear out and they always take you to the right place.

Ladies can mix and match tanks, skirts, shorts, hoodies, joggers, sports bras, leggings, long-sleeve crop tops, a bodysuit and a reversible bomber jacket.

The tennis icon’s favorite outfit includes the Champion Razor Tank and the Champion Flutter Skirt. Both these admiral navy items feature an all-over star print and gold insets — the tank has a gold mesh section in the back, while the pleated color-blocked skirt has a shiny gold hem.

The 40-year-old champion also loves the Glitzzy Velour Pullover Hoodie and Joggers, which exist in deep burgundy and in black. The super soft casual outfit includes a big Wonder Woman logo designed in rhinestones and a sparkly reminder on the left leg to believe in wonders. (photos courtesy of EleVen by Venus)


  1. Venus definitely has a future in women’s sportswear design. Can’t say the same for Roger Federer. Marija have you seen his new shoe line, “no”? I am not impressed…very bland.

  2. Jeff, the Wonder Woman collections are my EleVen favorites. The bras, leggings, bold jacket, soft tracksuits, shorts, I’d like to have them all.

    Jim, I’ve seen the shoes. Classic white. What can I say. I’d prefer a more colorful design.

  3. I think the collection is spot on. I think Venus is a talented designer, cant say the same about her tennis anymore.
    She should really retire and let other future stars promote her clothing!
    Honestly its painful to watch her tennis now!

  4. Ric, I don’t know why Venus stopped having other WTA players promote EleVen. If you remember, in the early days of EleVen, Petrova and Gajdosova (Wolfe) wore the designs. For years it’s been only Venus wearing EleVen. Obviously she’s such a star that it’s enough that also she promotes the brand, but it would be good to see the clothes on more players.

  5. Jeff, could be. Petrova and Gajdosova crossed my mind first. Here’s a segment from Venus’ interview from June 2008 where she says that Petrova was doing her a favor to promote EleVen.

    Q. Is that the first time you’ve had another player wearing your clothes? Talk about how you worked that out with her.

    VW: I think she’s just in transition between — was in transition, so she I think wanted — she was doing me a favor. So I’m hoping to see her in the clothes. I saw her in some warmups yesterday, but I haven’t seen her in the match clothes. I’m hoping to see her. She’s a great girl. I have a lot of respect for her on and off the court. She’s a good person.

  6. Venus contract only comes with the cloths and no money. That could be 1 reason why they aren’t anyone in them. I would’ve thought Taylor T would as for some since she had no clothing contract over the years.

  7. Donna, but the question is why doesn’t Venus see the value in paying a player to wear her clothes? It’s true that she’s the best promoter one can have, but it would be better if she would sign a couple of players, even lower ranked would be ok.


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