Alize Cornet kicked out of Lufthansa’s overbooked flight

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Having traveled around the world numerous times, Alize Cornet thought she had seen it all, but German airline Lufthansa managed to frustrate the Frenchwoman on a whole new level.

The world No.63 Cornet is top seed at the 2021 Winners Open, a WTA 250 event which begins on August 2 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Lufthansa excluded Cornet from her flight, because of their own overbooking, and now the tennis player will be late for the tournament. The Frenchwoman expressed her frustration on Twitter:

So Lufthansa, because of your overbooking I can’t go to my tournament in Romania before tomorrow (which is the day the draw starts). How am I supposed to do now? I thought I had seen it all during my 20 years of travelling… never been kicked out of a flight though. #outrageous

Cornet’s first-round opponent in Cluj-Napoca is scheduled to be world No.121 Mayar Sherif of Egypt. (photo: Jimmie48)


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