Jelena Jankovic and her baby stay away from the public eye

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It’s been a long time since we last heard from Jelena Jankovic. Ever since meeting her now-husband and then becoming a mom, the former world number one has kept her private life absolutely to herself.

Jelena Jankovic

While most WTA players show their babies the moment they’re born and then share their motherhood experiences with the world, the 2008 US Open finalist seems to have disappeared. Truth be told, ever since she played her last tennis match in September 2017, Jankovic has largely kept herself away from the public eye. Only from time to time she posted some travel photos on Instagram.

We are sure that the fun-loving Serb is making the most out of her post-tennis life, but we have to say that we miss her. In today’s world it a bit strange that six months after she gave birth to a baby girl we still don’t even know the child’s name. This is somewhat unexpected, as JJ was always eager to talk to the media.

From what we know, Jankovic and her husband, a Serbian doctor Branko Barac, met in spring 2020. They supposedly met after Novak Djokovic’s Adria Tour exhibition tournament in Belgrade. Jankovic took part in the June event and since Djokovic tested positive for coronavirus, Jankovic also needed to take the test, which is when she met the doctor at one private clinic in the Serbian capital.

The word is out that Jankovic bought a large property in Fruska gora, a mountain, or better said a large hill, relatively close to her hometown of Belgrade. As Serbian media reported in December last year, the 36-year-old planned to build a house with at least five bedrooms, a swimming pool and a tennis court, in order to stay in shape. The whole project together with the lot was expected to cost about 2 million EUR. Her property is not far from the area where Novak Djokovic built a luxury mention.


  1. I’m JJ’s biggest fan and I am so happy for her.

    Success in tennis.
    Success as a citizen of Serbia.
    Success as a citizen of the world.
    Success as a mother (like Snezana)

    These are the things that Jelena has and continues to build. When our beloved JJ holds a racquet, she made more than shots. She made memories, and we will never forget what she brought to the sport.

    I’d love to see her step out, but I think it is correct for her to focus on her family without the influence of the public, especially coming from the Internet.

    JJ has done so much for Serbia, tennis, women’s tennis. People all over the world found joy and interest in watching her play. She deserves and has earned everything she has and I am happy for her, her husband and her family. God bless JJ! The beautiful Jelena. The kind Jelena. The hard working Jelena.

    Tennis isn’t the same without her, but the sport, and the women she played against, are better because of her.


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