Only vaccinated players will play Australian Open 2022


Whether or not unvaccinated players will be allowed to play the 2022 Australian Open has been a hot topic for weeks. The latest news is that only those protected by the COVID-19 vaccine will be allowed to enter the tournament.

A month ago, a leaked email sent to WTA players revealed that unvaccinated players might still be able to compete at the Grand Slam. A few days later, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Victoria state’s Premier Daniel Andrews expressed opposing views concerning the COVID-19 vaccination issue.

The latest information comes from CEO of Tennis Australia Craig Tiley, who confirms that only vaccinated players will be allowed in the draws. When it comes to audience, full capacity crowed will be allowed. No masks will be required on site, aside from retail.

“Our intention with the Australian Open is to bring Australia back in a big way and it’s going to be an exciting summer,” Tiley told The Today Show.

Good news is that most men’s and women’s tennis players are fully vaccinated. Nearly 80% of Top 100 women’s players have been vaccinated, including all the players who competed in the singles and doubles at the Akron WTA Finals Guadalajara. When it comes to the ATP Top 100, vaccination rate is also 80% at the moment.

The 2022 Australian Open will take place from January 17 to January 30 in Melbourne.


  1. I don’t think Nole is vaccinated. Would he go against his personal beliefs and get the Covid vaccination just to play in what I believe is his favorite Grand Slam tournament? He has won the thing 9 times. Personally, I don’t think he will.

  2. Jim, I think the same. Nole is right that your vaccination status should be a private matter, just as is your health status. So far, I also believe that he is not vaccinated. He may change his mind and get the jab. However, if he continues to believe that he should not get vaccinated, I think he will go all the way and sacrifice his participation at the Australian Open.

  3. I do agree health is a private matter. However, when your choices have the potential to threaten the public’s health, it is no longer quite a private matter. And as such, nations and governments have the right to have legislature that helps safeguard their public’s health. So many vaccines are required to travel abroad, to work in certain sectors and to enter school systems and universities. Science has repeatedly shown how effective vaccines are/haven been; i.e. polio, small pox and measles. The research and science is certainly there, so I’ve always been curious where or what Novak’s hesitation & seeming resistance stems from. With that said, Novak’s statements seem to sort of vacillate in the few interviews of seen. Interestingly Rafael Nadal’s statements about tennis players choosing to not get vaccinated is on the polar opposite end of the spectrum.

  4. It will be a great tournament and those few players who choose not to protect their fellow players by getting vaccinated can just miss out. Everyone in Australia is really looking forward to it – and in Victoria they are pushing 90% vaccination of over 16s so plenty of people to attend.

  5. No vax – no play!
    Simple really. If players don’t like it, don’t come! It’s up to them, no one is forcing them to get a vaccination. Don’t potentially bring COVID into our country, and thus harm/kill our citizens.

  6. I’m 81 made it through my childhood Polio, measles, chicken pox finally vaccine for polio after several classmates were stricken today have to have shingles vaccine because I had chicken pox. What will be the residual disease in the future for those who aren’t vaccinated with Covid? seems really ignorant to be taking unnecessary health risks because one wants to be an individualist.


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