Unvaccinated players will be able to play Australian Open!

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A leaked email sent to WTA players revealed that unvaccinated players might still be able to enter the 2022 Australian Open, although they will have to go through quarantine.

Australian Open

When Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said last week that unvaccinated athletes would not get a visa to enter the country or they would have to quarantine for a couple of weeks, Tennis Australia declined to comment. As per the latest information, leaked by journalist Ben Rothenberg, unvaccinated tennis players will be able to play the Australian Open, but they will have to endure two weeks of hard quarantine and be subject to regular COVID-19 testing.

Vaccinated players will have complete freedom of movement, but they will have to get tested within 24 hours of arrival, and, just as unvaccinated players, they will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of departure.

These are considered significantly improved conditions for players at the 2022 Australian Open. The reason is that vaccination rate in Victoria is expected to hit 80% by the end of the week and 90% next month. Another good news is that qualifying will be held at Melbourne Park in 2022.

This information is yet to be officially announced by the government.



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