Svitolina, Sabalenka unveil Nike dresses for the 2022 Australian Open


NikeCourt players Elina Svitolina and Aryna Sabalenka took to TikTok to show us their new outfits ready for the 2022 Australian Open.

The WTA stars have become masters of TikTok transitions, so in a short and fun video presentation we get to see a variety of looks that the new Nike collection offers.

The predominant color scheme is red, more precisely vibrant coral, burgundy and orange. Accents are mint. When the apparel and shoes become available, we’ll see what Nike calls these tones.

Asymmetrical details are a big thing in this collection. Contrasting thick lines in different directions bring visual interest. Cuts are also asymmetrical, as you can see in the Nike Spring Court Tank and Nike Spring Court Skirt.


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The Nike Spring Court Dress is predominantly vibrant coral, with a diagonal burgundy colorblock on the skirt. Asymmetry in this design is manifested in the skirt pleats that are present only on the left side. Moreover, the V-neck is contrasting white on one side and blends with the dress on the other.

When it comes to an assortment of tops, we have a short-sleeved crew-neck style and a collared sleeveless design. The world No.16 Svitolina showed us two jackets: orange and burgundy.

Here you can see a detailed overview of Nike women’s tennis shoes for Melbourne.

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  1. Thanks for the sneak peak at the 2022 Aus Open Nike dress! How do you get this insider info? I think I like the Nike design the most out of the brands who have released their Aus Open outfits thus far. I feel like the color is very similar to the Aus Open Nike 2020 Maria dress (which is similar to the Adidas 2021 Roland Garros dope dye dress). The design with the asymmetric lines and pleated skirt is different enough that I would still get it. Also Nike dresses have been the most comfortable out of the major brands in recent years. I also like the Fila dress Aus Open Baseline dress, simple design, but with interesting touch with the plunging back. Too bad the color looks kinda close to the Nike colors.

  2. Cat, this is not insider info, Elina and Aryna posted the videos on their social media. When it comes to Asics and Fila, I got the information from their PR, since I have a long-term cooperation with them.

  3. Oh right. Just interesting bc I didn’t see any other websites announcing it. Guess social media is the most up to date source. Well thanks for the coverage and summaries. Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it bc I don’t have an Instagram acct.

  4. Cat, you’re right, nowadays social media is the most reliable and up-to-date source. Of course, when it comes to the official accounts. Thank you, I try to have exclusive info, especially when it comes to WTA fashion.

  5. Saw this kit on both Badosa and Keys in their first round matches at the AO. The coral, burgundy and orange. If those two played each other, which could happen in the 4th round because they have both been playing well lately, I hope they don’t go “twinning” in the same color scheme. Maybe one of them could agree to wear the white top like Aryna in the picture. Pet peeve of mine…all this twinning on court. Never saw it in the 80’s through the the 00’s.

  6. Okay this Nike outfit ‘twinning during the AO has me fuming.
    Where are earth are these athletes voices? Why are they okay with this. Such a blatant domince by sponsors. They look like Nike soldiers….Match after match in the women’s draw in particular; they face off ‘twinning’. I can recall matches when they came onto the court and realized they had the same outfit on and asked the ref to allow them to change. At least I hear the women commentators referencing this torcher. I am a HUGE tennis fan…. this is soooo disappointing. These athletes are I n d I v I d u a l s, not teams.

  7. Anyone have any luck getting the AO 2022 Nike dress? It’s not available on any website. Some websites listed on presale, I even bought it on presale, but today I got an email saying that it is no longer available from the manufacturer. So strange… supply chain issues? Or Nike just produces a limited number, like 10?

  8. Cat, here it is at Tennis Warehouse, white version: [link has expired] They say it will be in stock in April. I can confirm that because of the pandemic there have been major supply chain issues.


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