Jelena Ostapenko switches from Adidas to DK ONE tennis apparel

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Former Adidas representative Jelena Ostapenko now promotes a new tennis apparel brand — DK ONE.

Jelena Ostapenko

In our 2022 Australian Open fashion overview we noted that the 2017 French Open champion Ostapenko was no longer partnered with Adidas, but we couldn’t recognize the logo of her new clothing sponsor. Now we have the information: it is a young Latvian activewear brand called DK ONE. Their slogan is “Play and win”.

The idea for DK ONE originated in 2017, when Daniela, a women’s tennis player and trainer, designed her first tennis dress. Since a lot of people were impressed by the look and comfort of the dress, Daniela decided to take her passion to the next level and create more clothes. The first DK ONE brand presentation took place in June 2018. The company’s offer now includes activewear for women, men and children.

Jelena Ostapenko DK ONE

At the 2022 Sydney Tennis Classic and the Australian Open we could see Ostapenko in DK ONE apparel. The company is growing fast, as after only a few years of existence they already have a Grand Slam champion and WTA world No.25 player as their representative. (photos: Jimmie48)


  1. Francisco, oh well, she did. It looks like cooperation with DK ONE was limited to the Aussie Swing. Let’s see how this story will develop later in the season.

  2. I don`t think the DK ONE outfit suited JO at all. I don`t think it would suit anybody. But Jelena`s profile needs a one-colour style, and she looked good – and more dangerous – in the black Nike kit. Strange to remember the unique `look` of Fernandez in NY, with the flouncy girlish skirt, when she smote and demolished a batch of tennis Amazons one after the other. Only six months later, Leylah Annie is now looking four years older and a few pounds heavier, and dresses more grown-up; show-biz-wise, it won`t seem quite so surprising when she hits her next winning streak. I don`t know how much the girls are paid for wearing specific kit, but judging by the naff gear worn by some of the players in the US Open it must be a fair pile of pennies.

  3. Hi Marija,

    I know that I’m a few months late here but may I please enquire whether you have EVER seen a pro’ tennis player wearing Nike apparel & Adidas footwear, or perhaps vice versa?! I know that I certainly haven’t & I was a ballkid at 3 consecutive Australian Opens, so I would most definitely have noticed something like that…

    Cheers & best wishes from ‘Down Under’…Matt.


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