Emma Raducanu wants change, splits with Torben Beltz

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Emma Raducanu wants to “transition to a new training model” and is therefore ending the partnership with coach Torben Beltz after just five months of working together.

Emma Raducanu

While occupying a career-high No.11 WTA ranking position, Raducanu has thanked Beltz for his professionalism and dedication, but has now concluded that a change in her team is necessary:

I feel the best direction for my development is to transition to a new training model with the LTA supporting in the interim.

At this week’s Mutua Madrid Open, only her third ever professional tournament on clay, Raducanu will work with the Lawn Tennis Associations’s head of women’s coaching Iain Bates, who has cooperated with her since her early teenage years. Moreover, Bates was part of her support team when she spectacularly won the 2021 US Open.

Raducanu has changed a lot of coaches in her young career. The next coach she hires will be her fourth within a year. Previously, Nigel Sears was replaced by Andrew Richardson following Wimbledon 2021. Then right after becoming a Grand Slam champion under the guidance of Richardson, Raducanu shocked the tennis world by ending their cooperation. (source: BBC, photo: Jimmie48)


  1. IMHO, in the event that transition to a new training model does not related to a fundamental theory + practical effect, no matter how many times the player may change the coaches in a year, the outcome won’t be desirable. In terms of fundamental theory & practical effect, it indicates a correct concept of winning tennis should be built up in one’s mind, & in the daily training, including participation in the real matches, the techniques directed & led by the concept can be put into use effectively. Simply put, the whole strategy of winning tennis is: one should make every effort to earn 1 more successful shot than her/his opponent does at every each single point; then the tactical issue, based on knowing one’s own traits & opponent’s as well, is how to use wisdom, speed, angle shot, topspin, slice, baseline rallies, net attack or lob, drop shot & so on, associated with strong fitness, fighting spirit so as to reach the strategical goal. Without this specifically combined equipment, I doubt anyone could be successful. There are some players who are firmly pursuing 1-style hard-hitting play, needless to say, rate of success are not so high. Hopefully, Emma’s new coach can help her bridge the gap between the all-round style & the relatively single one. My summary: strategical purpose must be tightly tied up with tactical practices, in other words, consistency of ball control driven by wisdom is the unique/exclusive/indispensable way of making the strategical purpose come true.


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