Elina Svitolina, Gael Monfils announce: Baby due to arrive in October!


Tennis’ power couple Elina Svitolina and Gael Monfils are sharing exciting news this Sunday: they are expecting their first child this fall.

Pregnant Elina Svitolina leaned on her husband as he embraced her, with his eyes closed, and shared the news with her fans:

With a heart full of love and happiness, we are delighted to announce that we are expecting a baby girl in October.

Svitolina and Monfils got married in July 2021, three and a half months after getting engaged.

The last tournament Svitolina played was the Miami Open, where she lost in the second round to Great Britain’s Heather Watson. The two-time Grand Slam semifinalist’s current ranking is No.27.

Even though her home country of Ukraine is going through a devastating war, we hope that Svitolina will manage to stay calm and enjoy a peaceful pregnancy. Life goes on and we should all cherish every moment.


  1. Congrats to the couple.
    But i swear these 2 players are not champions, they are just playing tennis for entertainment, money, media and sponsorship reasons. I guess they are what you define journeymen tennis.
    I cannot see an ounce of heart & willingness to be a slam champion from either of them.

  2. It is easy for anyone to criticize athletes, because people think that it is a piece of cake to win tennis matches. Not all the tennis athletes are ‚ÄúRafael Nadals‚ÄĚ to be able to win 21 grand slam championships.

  3. Jorge Rubio, I agree with you. You can’t reach the level of Elina and Gael if you don’t work exceptionally hard and put your whole heart into it.

  4. I am hoping that you can work together to become one of the athletic power couples. God bless you both and I am praying constantly for Ukraine and her people.

  5. I love your sportsmanship. What is Ric doing, sitting on the couch watching? I pray you all can become one of the athletic power couples. I know that I like all the entertainment I see when watching you. Thanks for your insight Jorge and Marija!

  6. I think Elina and Gael can actually teach us about balancing the fantasy world of elite tennis competition against the real world of family, aging, injuries, war, and social media scrutiny. To top it off, I love seeing how these two personalities mix and I find it hard to believe that it works because I don’t find them all that interesting as individuals, but together is different story. I think the B&W photo shoot of them early on are some of the most beautiful couple pics I’ve ever seen.

  7. Why is so easy for people to let their fingers do the talking and criticize athletes.
    So many will never reach the very Pinnacle, its not an easy journey.
    Congrats to Gail and Elinia, on finding love ,;wishing them all the best on their journey and building a family.


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