Wimbledon x Babolat racquets and tennis bags


The limited-edition Babolat Wimbledon collection offers official tournament racquets, tennis bags, and more.

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Babolat Pure Drive Team Wimbledon

The Babolat Pure Drive Team Wimbledon is a special edition of the Pure Drive Team that celebrates the grass-court Grand Slam. The main feature of this Wimbledon update to the racquet is the leather grip which results in more direct ball feedback. This racquet’s raw speed and powerful delivery makes it perfect for improving players who are looking to hit with more pace and spin.

Babolat EVO Drive 115 Wimbledon

The Babolat EVO Drive 115 Wimbledon is a good option for beginners and early intermediate players who want a powerful and arm-friendly hitting experience. This racquet comes pre-strung and is less expensive than the majority of its competitors.

Babolat Boost Drive Wimbledon

The Babolat Boost Drive Wimbledon is ideal for beginners, rising juniors and recreational players who want user-friendly performance without breaking the bank.

Babolat Pure 12 Pack Wimbledon Bag

The largest bag option is the Babolat Pure 12 Pack Wimbledon Bag. It features two compartments which have Isothermal Protection, and the middle compartment which is just as large. The Wimbledon/Babolat-branded backpack straps are padded and adjustable. There are grab handles at the end and middle.

Babolat Pure 6 Pack Wimbledon Bag

The Babolat Pure 6 Pack Wimbledon Bag is just the right size for a few racquets and your gear. It features two main compartments, one of which is equipped with Isothermal Protection to prevent tension loss in strings.

Babolat Wimbledon Cooler Bag

The Babolat Wimbledon Cooler Bag is perfect for carrying your necessities with you and keeping them insulated from extreme temperatures.

Babolat Pure Backpack Wimbledon Bag

The Babolat Pure Backpack Wimbledon Bag is a unique design with a front compartment built for your racquets and the back 2-in-1 compartment for the rest of your gear. There’s also a removable shoe sack and an accessory pocket on the front.


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