Daria Kasatkina’s girlfriend is figure skater Natalia Zabiiako


Daria Kasatkina took the courage to announce to the world that she is dating a woman and now that she has taken that off her chest she was ready to also show us her partner. The WTA world No.12 posted a hug selfie on Instagram and proudly revealed the identity of her girlfriend.


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Who is Daria Kasatkina’s girlfriend?

It’s a fellow professional athlete Natalia Zabiiako. The 27-year-old is a Russian-Estonian competitive pair skater who now represents Canada, while she used to represent both Russia and Estonia. She won the silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games with the Russian team. Zabiiako used to be in a heterosexual relationship, as she used to be engaged to Russian movie director Danil Grinkin.

Daria Kasatkina

Coming out

During the interview with Russian vlogger, the WTA world No.12 Kasatkina was ready to tell her truth:

Living in the closet is impossible. Not for the long run, no. It’s too hard. It’s pointless. You’d be constantly focused on that until you choose to come out.

She then also touched the topic of how difficult it is to be a gay person in Russia and explained that nobody intentionally chooses to be homosexual:

The notion of someone wanting to be gay or becoming one is ridiculous. I think there’s nothing easier in the world than being straight. Seriously, if there was a choice, nobody would choose to be gay. Why make your life harder, especially in Russia?

Daria Kasatkina

Daria Kasatkina on why she prefers to date women

Even though the latest interview went viral because of Kasatkina’s revelation, we’ve not surprised that she’s dating a woman. Last year, she talked about her bisexuality and explained why she would prefer to be in a same-sex relationship.

Women know how to dangle the bait properly. Woman knows better how other woman works. Understands other woman’s psychology and needs.

Even though she didn’t rule out that dating a man would be possible, she explained the positive sides of being with a woman:

Girls in a relationship are connected with more connection. I mean, more understanding.

The first WTA players to congratulate Kasatkina on her newly-publicized relationship were Amanda Anisimova, Daria Saville, and retired Rennae Stubbs.

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