US Open 2022 prize money surpasses $60 million, champions to get $2.6 million

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The USTA today announced that the 2022 US Open will award more than $60 million in total player compensation for the first time, while champions will receive $2.6 million.

Taking into account suggestions of the WTA and ATP Player Councils, early rounds of the main draw and the US Open Qualifying Tournament are getting a significant increase in prize money. Just for making the main draw, players will receive $80,000, while those who manage to win in the first round will earn $121,000 — that’s an 85% and 57% increase since 2016, respectively.

us open 2022 prize money

All rounds, in all events, will see an increase in prize money, as total player compensation tops the $57.5 million of 2021. Last year’s singles champions earned $2.5, while now they’ll get a $2.6 million check. However, that’s still much less than $3.85 million that singles champions earned in 2019, as in the meantime we’ve had the pandemic and the tournament’s effort to support a greater number of players by redistributing the money to qualifying and early rounds.

The 2022 singles runner-ups will get $50K more compared to 2021, $1.3 million. Singles semifinalists will earn $705,000 and quarterfinalists $445,000.

When it comes to the US Open Qualifying Tournament, total prize money amounts to $6.26 million, an increase of 223% from $1.94 million in 2016. Final round prize money for the US Open Qualifying Tournament will be $44,000.

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