Domestic abuse on tennis court: Father beats daughter because she wanted to stop practice


Father-daughter cooperation in the tennis world can develop the most fruitful careers, but we’ve also had instances of very complicated father-daughter relationships that led to mental problems and abandoned tennis dreams. Recently, a disturbing video has surfaced of a father brutally beating his daughter because she didn’t want to continue her tennis practice.

A father has recently been arrested after he was seen abusing his daughter on the tennis court. The incident happened in Belgrade, Serbia, while the family is reported to be from China. In the court, the father said that his intention was not to hurt his child and that he did nothing wrong from the perspective of his culture, as such behavior is not sanctioned in China and a hierarchy in the family should traditionally be respected.

In Serbia, the father could get from two to ten years in prison for domestic violence. (source:


  1. I am from China and I must say if this happens in China, this man will be arrested too. It is ridiculous to attribute his personal wrongdoings to culture.


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