Ana Ivanovic: “I start to feel bad after spending 10 minutes on Instagram”


Former world number one Ana Ivanovic gave an exclusive interview to Serbian TV station Nova S this morning, primarily to promote her new skincare brand, but she also gave us a bit of insight into her family life with husband Bastian Schweinsteiger and their two sons, discussed the dangers of social networks, and revealed whether she misses tennis.

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic Natural Performance skincare

Ana Ivanovic explained why she was motivated to create her own skincare brand, which she launched in September this year. The main reason was that she struggled to find suitable organic products for her skin. Teaming up with Judith Williams, a big name in the cosmetic industry, Ivanovic says that she created products which are minimum 92% natural. Her goal was to offer products that people can absolutely believe in and that can safely be used in pregnancy.

“I start to feel bad after spending 10 minutes on Instagram”

As much as social networks are useful for business, they can also be detrimental to mental health. Ana Ivanovic realizes this and minimizes her time on the phone:

Honestly, we have a company that manages our social networks. I don’t use social networks that much, only Instagram sometimes, so I’ve limited my time on social networks. I think that there are many messages out there that are not good for mental health, not only when it comes to teenagers and young people, but also adults. Sometimes even I start to feel bad after spending ten minutes on Instagram, I want to travel to that place, I want to have this thing… on the other hand, we don’t need any of that.

The 2008 French Open champion also revealed that she and her husband try not to use phones when they are with their children, they don’t even have an iPad at home, they avoid TV, so the retired tennis star mostly browses social networks while she’s waiting in line, which is maybe ten to thirty minutes a day.

Ana’s and Bastian’s children know nothing about the fame of their parents

Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Scheweinsteiger don’t talk to their kids about their successful sports careers, so their little boys are confused when people stop them to take photos with them:

My children have absolutely no idea who we are, in terms of our careers. Sometimes when people ask us to take photos with them, the boys don’t understand it, they think that those are our friends.

Speaking from Mallorca, where her family spends a lot of time, Ivanovic said that her sons speak two languages as mother tongues (Serbian and German), they are also fluent in English and they speak a bit of Spanish.

“I do miss competition”

Lastly, Ivanovic touched on the topic of her tennis career and whether she misses her days on the WTA Tour:

Honestly, in the first few years not that much. It was really the right moment for me to end my professional career. But lately, as I’m watching women’s tennis and talking to my friends, I do miss competition, big tournaments, center courts, Grand Slams… But I’m really very satisfied with where I am in life right now and I have some new challenges, new goals. I am very happy in my family life and that is the most important thing to me.



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