Clothing sponsor change: Iga Swiatek leaves Asics and moves On

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World No.1 Iga Swiatek says au revoir to Asics and becomes the first female tennis athlete to join the On team.

Iga Swiatek at the 2023 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, the last tournament where she wore Asics.

“I’m happy the On team believes in me as an athlete and a person,” Swiatek wrote on social media to announce the new partnership. “We plan to grow, develop and make an impact together.”

Thanking her team for “this amazing achievement in business”, Swiatek shared an advertisement where we can see her wearing an all-black outfit featuring an On logo and their famous On The Roger Pro shoes.

On’s first ever performance tennis shoe came into existence after two years of research and testing, with the help of Roger Federer. The 2021 US Open finalist Leylah Fernandez was the first top WTA player to wear the shoe in competition — the Canadian also used to be sponsored by Asics, but then switched to Lululemon for her apparel and to On for her shoes.

Swiatek will debut On’s inaugural tennis apparel line at the Miami Open. The clothes won’t be available at retail right away, probably next year.


  1. All athletes should switch away from Asics as the company is supporting Russia with its continued operations in that country. It is lamentable that Iga did not switch for that reason or that, if she did in part, that reason is not highlighted in this account.

  2. My source (Yale) now, and perhaps for quite some time as I don’t recall when last I checked, reflects that Asics has “ceased all business operations in Russia.” I should have re-checked before posting here. If nobody minds, and as I really feel I’ve checked my source since 22.11.21, I will speculate that Yale may have been withholding a more positive review of Asics until the “been exiting” in Asics’s statement “has since been exiting the Russian market” became “exited.” Anyway… Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!!!

    This is good news for me, personally, because there’s an Asics running shoe I like! 🙂


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