Coco Gauff: Battling imposter syndrome on the road to tennis success

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In a recent interview with WTA Insider’s Courtney Nguyen, 19-year-old tennis star Coco Gauff opened up about her struggles with imposter syndrome. Despite her remarkable success on the court, including reaching the quarterfinals of the 2022 US Open, and finishing as the runner-up at the 2022 Roland Garros tournament, Gauff sometimes feels anxious about her playing ability.

Coco Gauff

“It’s just fighting those thoughts and understanding that I belong here,” the world No.4 Gauff said. “You know, imposter syndrome is a thing, so sometimes I get that, but it’s something that I’m working on to realize I’m here for a reason and my ranking is here for a reason and I definitely deserve that.”

Gauff’s honest admission sheds light on the mental challenges faced by athletes, especially young ones, who are trying to navigate their way to the top of their sport. It’s not just about physical ability, but also about mental strength and resilience.

Despite her struggles with imposter syndrome, Gauff has been able to maintain her confidence on the court. “I feel like when I step on the court, the confidence is high,” she said. “I definitely feel like I can win the match.” (photo: Jimmie48)


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