Top women’s tennis shoes for 2023: Comfort, support, and style on the court


The right tennis shoes provide comfort, support, and stability, allowing you to move confidently on the court. To help you choose the best option available in 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the top models based on feedback and reviews by Tennis Warehouse’s playtesters.

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Best overall women’s tennis shoe: Adidas Stella Court

adidas stella court tennis shoes

This model has been a favorite ever since being introduced as the Adidas Stella Barricade Boost more than five years ago. After being discontinued for a bit, the model is back with a new name – the Adidas Stella Court. Playtesters love the shoe’s exceptional all-around performance and superior comfort for various foot types. Judging by the positive feedback from Tennis Warehouse’s customers, everyone is excited to have this model back in the Adidas lineup.

Best durability women’s tennis shoe: KSwiss Ultrashot 3

KSwiss Ultrashot 3 Clay Raindrops:Purple Wom's Shoe

Experience unmatched comfort with KSwiss Ultrashot 3, designed to provide excellent support, stability, and durability. The DuraMesh upper offers breathability while being reinforced to provide extra support during quick movements and changes in direction. DuraWrap in high wear areas provides added durability. What’s more, these shoes come with a six-month outsole durability guarantee, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for your tennis needs.

Best stability women’s tennis shoe: New Balance Coco CG1

Coco Gauff tennis shoe
Coco Gauff of the United States playing the 2023 BNP Paribas Open in the New Balance UC Coco CG1 D Rose/Dragonfly Unisex Shoes

Coco Gauff’s signature New Balance tennis shoe stands out with its vibrant palettes and basketball-inspired, ’90s aesthetics. The stylish unisex model that brings a mid-cut design back to tennis wins the top spot as the most stable shoe. A Fit Weave Lite woven upper provides a lightweight but supportive lockdown fit. Weave Lite woven materials offer supportive, lockdown feel. A saddle gore band adds stability on lateral cuts.

New Balance UC Coco CG1 D Black/Jade Unisex Shoe
New Balance UC Coco CG1 D Black/Jade Unisex Shoe

Since the Coco CG1 shoe is a unisex model, women should take note of the recommended adjustment by choosing a size that’s 1.5 sizes smaller than their usual size. As an illustration, if your standard women’s shoe size is 8, we suggest selecting a size 6.5 for the Coco CG1. Make sure to read Tennis Warehouse’s comprehensive review for more details.

Best lightweight women’s tennis shoe: Nike Vapor Pro 2

Petra Kvitova Nike tennis shoes
Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic wearing the Nike Vapor Pro 2 tennis shoes at the 2023 Mutua Madrid Open WTA 1000 tennis tournament

Compared to its previous iteration, the Nike Vapor Pro 2 boasts a new look and an added Air Zoom unit under the forefoot for more response while maintaining a light and speedy feel.

Nike Vapor Pro 2 Wide Black/White Women's Shoes
Nike Vapor Pro 2 Wide Black/White Women’s Shoes

Moreover, Nike now offers two width alternatives with this upgrade. Tennis Warehouse’s testing reveals that the standard model provides a snug medium fit, while the Vapor Pro 2 Wide offers a slightly roomier toe box for a medium-width fit.

Best comfort women’s tennis shoe: Babolat SFX3

Babolat SFX3 AC Wimbledon Women's Shoes
Babolat SFX3 AC Wimbledon Women’s Shoes

For players who prioritize cushioning in their tennis shoes, the Babolat SFX3 is a must-have contender. The shoe boasts ample cushioning, and the multi-layer insole delivers an incredibly soft underfoot experience. It’s important to note that the shoes have a wider fit. To obtain further insights, read Tennis Warehouse’s in-depth review.

Best value women’s tennis shoe: Nike Vapor Lite 2

Nike Vapor Lite 2 Sail/Desert Ochre Women's Shoes
Nike Vapor Lite 2 Sail/Desert Ochre Women’s Shoes

Priced affordably at under $100, the Nike Vapor Lite 2 provides exceptional cushioned comfort on the court. These shoes are an excellent choice for players who value step-in comfort. It’s an excellent choice for those who prioritize speed and value, rather than extra durability.

Choosing the right tennis shoe is essential for players who want to perform at their best on the court. With our list of the top women’s tennis shoes for 2023 based on feedback from playtesters, you can find the perfect shoe to suit your needs. Remember that shopping through our affiliate links to Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe not only supports our blog, but it also helps you find the perfect pair of tennis shoes at no extra cost to you. Find your perfect match and step up your tennis game!


  1. Virtually all of these shoes are not actually shaped like feet and don’t provide proper room for people’s toes. By pushing the big toe inwards and squashing the smaller toes they reduce people’s ability to grip the ground with maximum effectiveness and increase the chance of blisters etc. It amazes me that the makers of most sports shoes haven’t realised this. But this is the fashion and that overrides good sense.

    I wear a brand of running shoes that actually are shaped like feet. They look a bit funny because people are not used to the shape but by gee they are comfortable. I would never go back to wearing anything else. See And no they are not paying me to say this I am just committed to comfortable shoes.

  2. CLT, I’ve seen this trend of wide-shaped shoes that let toes be in their most natural position. Personally, I haven’t had problems with these regular shoe styles. Even professional athletes have worn them for decades.

    The shoes you’re showing actually don’t look funny to me, they look nice. I’ve seen some models of this shoe type that are even much more wide in the toebox and do look somewhat unappealing, but performance and health are key, so if they help people, people should choose those options.


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