Boldly blooming: Exploring the Nike x Naomi Osaka summer 2023 collection’s unique tennis skirts and cropped jerseys


The Nike x Naomi Osaka collection for summer 2023 is a vibe! From cropped football jerseys and floral shorts, to unique tennis skirts and refreshed NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo Osaka Premium shoes, the new items are about blooming and opening up to the world.

The apparel line features a range of options, from performance-driven outfits for intense training sessions to stylish ensembles designed for casual wear. The blend of technical innovation and fashion-forward designs is a testament to Osaka’s multifaceted nature. Each piece reflects her strong personality, exuding confidence and strength.

naomi osaka 97 jersey

“Yes we have created the hardest tennis skirt and cropped football jersey to ever hit the market,” Osaka wrote about the above ensemble on Instagram. Two months ago we saw the four-time Grand Slam champion proudly exposing her baby bump in this cropped Nike jersey while strolling the streets of Japan. The number “97” represents Osaka’s year of birth. The pleated skirt features a wavy hem and contrasting double drawstrings on elastic waistband. The outfit is available in this green version (faded spruce) and beige (coconut milk).

According to Nike, these tennis shoes celebrate Naomi’s cultural roots and growing interest in both fine arts and organic gardening.

What sets the Naomi Osaka x Nike tennis collections apart is the attention to detail and the inclusion of personal touches. A representation of her Japanese and Haitian heritage is subtly incorporated into the designs, adding an extra layer of significance and authenticity. These collections are not just about sports apparel; they are a powerful expression of Osaka’s journey and the values she stands for.

This incredibly stylish collection, with its trendy urban vibe and amazing attention to detail, is a must-have for active fashionistas. I love the choice of colors, dropped shoulders combined with elongated sleeves, vibrant flower patterns, and mesh textures. Unexpected elements like the cropped number 97 adorning the back of the jersey showcase a delightful playfulness. Naomi’s personal touches, such as her “NO” logo and iconic lucky cat stitches, infuse each garment with a sense of individuality. Every piece in this collection tells its own unique story through a masterful blend of style and functionality.


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