Betancourt’s cryptic Instagram caption: A jealous reaction to Badosa’s new love story with Tsitsipas?


Paula Badosa‘s ex-boyfriend, Juan Betancourt, seems to be far from indifferent when it comes to his former girlfriend’s new relationship. He is subtly hinting at his feelings regarding Badosa’s highly publicized romance with tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas through an Instagram caption.

Paula Badosa
Tennis player Paula Badosa, who was ranked No.2 in the world last year, is dating ATP world No.5 Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece.

Immediately after closing the chapter with the Cuban model, Badosa wasted no time in embarking on a new love story with fellow tennis player Tsitsipas, and the pair has been enthusiastically sharing their joy with the world through social media.

Despite the recent breakup, Betancourt still retains a few photos of his time with the Spanish WTA player on his Instagram. It appears that Badosa’s newfound happiness has struck a nerve with him, prompting him to share a cryptic message with his substantial following of 371K. Alongside a photo showcasing his sculpted physique by the pool, Betancourt provocatively wrote: “What you want to know, I live it, I don’t publish it.”

The caption sparked a flurry of criticism, as it was perceived as both insecure and disrespectful, suggesting that Betancourt might be harboring feelings of jealousy towards Badosa’s blossoming romance. It is understandable why this reaction garnered criticism, as Betancourt is active on social media and he didn’t mind it when his relationship with the WTA star was in the public eye.

Here are some comments that Betancourt received:

“Just delete the caption. It’s childish and it makes you look insecure.”

“You have only got abs to show… and disrespect for publishing this… yeah it hurts .. relax and let them enjoy their real love.”

“You didn’t mind public relationships when Paula was funding your life as you followed her around on tour.”

Meanwhile, Badosa and Tsitsipas (Tsitsidosa) continue to live their best life. Their latest photo caption reads: “Zero Grand Slams in one photo, but hey, love conquers all!”


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