Marketa Vondrousova’s tattoos: A close look at the Wimbledon champion’s inks


Marketa Vondrousova has not only made history as the first unseeded Wimbledon champion in the Open Era but also stands out as the most tattooed winner of the prestigious grass-court Grand Slam. With an impressive collection of tattoos adorning her body, the Czech tennis player admits to losing track of their exact number. Let’s have a close look at the WTA star’s inks.

Left arm tattoos of Marketa Vondrousova

“Search and you will find” says one of several inspiration quotes featured on Vondrousova’s body.

Tattoo's on Marketa Vondrousova's right forearm

Her right forearm bears a reminder to take life “one day at a time,” accompanied by two dice, perhaps symbolizing her ability to embrace uncertainty with a touch of luck.

Tattoos on the front of Marketa Vondrousova's left arm

On the back of her left forearm, a comforting message “it’s ok” is joined by a serene sleeping angel, offering solace during tough times.

Marketa Vondrousova's tattoos closeup

Vondrousova’s left arm showcases more tattoos – “Let them be them, let us be us” and “golden” alongside a sitting fairy, while a letter “F” and a skeleton’s hand clutching four aces in poker add to her intriguing ink collection.

Marketa Vondrousova's right hand tattoos

Her right arm boasts diverse designs, from a barbed wire heart to delicate butterflies and pinky promise hand gestures. Notably, two hearts pierced by a safety pin convey a powerful message.

Tattoos on the back of Vondrousova's right arm

The back of her right arm reveals a sword tattoo, accompanied by the slogan “no rain, no flowers,” signifying her belief in the value of perseverance and dedication on the path to success.

Tattoos on the back of Vondrousova's left arm
During the Wimbledon trophy ceremony, Vondrousova said that the first thing she’s looking forward to is a glass of beer after tense two weeks of competition. She may also get another tattoo to celebrate her triumph, but her coach will definitely be inked.

“I made a bet with my coach. He said that if I win a Grand Slam he’s going to get one also. So I think we’re going to go tomorrow,” Vondrousova said. The coach didn’t seem too pleased.


  1. Let’s be real, it looks messy af
    Looks like a scribble of toddlers from afar.
    Too much tattoos is not for everyone! Let alone women, it takes their purity away.

  2. I don’t like her tattoos, but who says that women have to be pure? Why not men, too? The usual stereotypes…

  3. I can’t say that I am, personally, a great fan of tattoos, but, as somebody who knows bits of Czech, I’d have loved it if they’d been done in Czech, which would have been a linguistic education for all followers of the game. I pictured „Bez déšťem žádné květy“ for “No rain, no flowers”.

    Markéta’s achievement was yesterday marked at one of my Blogs, the Fan Blog for Valérie Čižmárová, ‘Bananas For Breakfast’.


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