Jessica Pegula’s watch: A glimpse of De Bethune luxury at the US Open


A careful observer or a passionate connoisseur of luxury watches can’t help but admire the exquisite De Bethune DB28xs Starry Seas gracing Jessica Pegula‘s wrist throughout the 2023 US Open. The American tennis star proudly showcased the timepiece not only during her matches but also during her press conferences and practice sessions in New York.

Jessica Pegula watch: De Bethune
Jessica Pegula complements her blue Adidas outfit with the stunning De Bethune watch while playing her second-round match at the 2023 US Open.

De Bethune, also endorsed by American ATP pro Tommy Paul, proudly states that the DB28xs Starry Seas is a watch that starts a new chapter for the Swiss company. With a notably reduced diameter of 38.7 mm compared to its predecessors, the luxury timepiece boasts a groundbreaking feature—a random guilloche dial.

Jessica Pegula watch: De Bethune DB28xs Starry Seas
De Bethune DB28xs Starry Seas

It features a silver-plated hours and minutes ring adorned with transferred Arabic numerals, set against the backdrop of a mesmerizing blue-tinted titanium dial meticulously engraved in random guilloché patterns. Adding to its celestial allure, the dial also features a starry sky design embellished with white gold stars, establishing it as a true masterpiece of horological innovation.

Jessica Pegula wearing her luxury watch at a press conference in New York
The WTA world No.3 shows her luxury watch during media day ahead of the 2023 US Open.

The DB28xs, priced at $90,000 in the United States, distinguishes itself as a remarkable offering from De Bethune. While not classified as a limited edition, it aligns with the brand’s tradition of restricted production volume per year.

Jessica Pegula wearing De Bethune watch during a practice session in New York
Jessica Pegula complements her casual training clothes with the $90,000 Swiss watch.

Jessica has earned over $10 million in career prize money on the Hologic WTA Tour and her father is billionaire Terry Pegula. She undoubtedly doesn’t find the financial value of her watch to be impressive, although she certainly must have deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and intricate detailing that goes into such a masterpiece.

Jessica Pegula in a blue Adidas two-piece set from the New York collection

The blue starry seas dial perfectly complements Jessica’s tennis outfit from Adidas’ New York collection: the Adidas Fall Slam Pro Set and Barricade tennis shoes in royal and off-white. Even her racquet is blue: Yonex EZONE 98. Her jewelry is by Gorjana.


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