US Open 2023: Jessica Pegula’s Adidas outfit celebrates women’s empowerment


Jessica Pegula‘s new Adidas apparel from the FW23 New York collection commemorates the 50th anniversary of Billie Jean King’s groundbreaking victory in the Battle of the Sexes, a moment that marked a significant advancement for women in the world of sports.

The 12-piece collection is highlighted by the iconic blue SST Jacket, inspired by the timeless Adidas tennis tracksuits from the period when Billie Jean King enjoyed the zenith of her career, imprinting a lasting influence on the sport of tennis, both within and beyond the confines of the court. The classic three-stripe design will be worn by both WTA and ATP players at the 2023 US Open which celebrates 50th anniversary of equal prize money.

On a different note, the collection also includes a hooded, poncho-style Adidas Fall Slam Premium Jacket featuring adjustable elastic cords at the shoulders and hem, complete with convenient toggles that let you play with the lengths of the sleeves and hemline, giving you the power to ruche them up for a customized look.

Jessica Pegula in new blue Adidas dress for the 2023 US Open

Adidas’ new promo visuals showcase Pegula in the stunning Fall Slam Pro Set which comprises a form-fitting rib texture leotard with a 1/2 zip entry and a detachable pleated skirt featuring overlapping lightweight woven layers. The American completes her look with the Adidas Barricade Royal/Off White Women’s Shoes.

The world No.3 Pegula commented:

Tennis history shows that greatness is never defined by gender. It hasn’t always been easy to choose this path – players like Billie Jean King had to fight for the right to be on the same court as men and gain respect from fellow players. I’m proud to be an advocate for gender equality in sport – both on and off the court.

Pegula’s exceptionally versatile 2-in-1 outfit is not the only shapeshifting option Adidas offers in the New York collection. Earlier this month we showed you a photo of Wang Xinyu modeling a truly groundbreaking Fall Slam Transform Dress that becomes a completely new design with just a flick of your wrist.

In addition to the SST Jacket, the FW23 New York collection introduces an updated Avacourt shoe in the striking blue shade that is synonymous with the outfit that Billie Jean King donned in the Battle of the Sexes match.

Blue Adidas women's tennis shoe for the 2023 US Open

Originally launched in 2022, the Avacourt shoe was meticulously created to offer optimal support for women’s tennis players. This design incorporates a women’s specific last, increased torsion, softer materials and a midfoot support saddle. The 2023 update seamlessly marries contemporary aesthetics with the shoe worn by Billie Jean King five decades prior.

Notably the first-ever signature tennis shoe for women by Adidas, its color palette mirrors the historical match, and it features crucial material enhancements. The suede leather tongue exudes a vintage flair, offering a luxurious touch, while the synthetic suede finish of the toe guard adds a dash of sophistication. Furthermore, the terry cloth lining of the heel collar brings an element of comfort reminiscent of that era.

Here you can have a look at all the other Adidas women’s tennis shoe models from the New York collection.

Additional info: Jessica Pegula accessorizes with a $90,000 De Bethune watch during her matches, press conferences, as well as practice sessions in New York.



  1. I do really love this dress! Especially the black and purple version!
    The skirt looks a little long in the promo shoot, hopefully they adjusted the length a little for the slam!

  2. Jacob, I don’t think the skirt is long. You just get that impression because of the asymmetrical, tiered layers.

  3. This adidas outfit is The most hideous ever and makes every women player that is wearing the outfit look like they wearing rags. Turning away to other matches whenever someone is wearing that dress.. not adidas best

  4. How in the world does this kit symbolize women empowerment. It is atrocious and the worst thing I have ever seen. Please stop trying to be cool or hip or relevant – it is a disaster.

  5. I don’t get it why everyone is hating on this outfit. The color is beautiful, the skirt provides a lot of coverage, you can exclude the skirt if you like. It looks great on players in NY.

  6. Ugly and dowdy. Looks like they ran out of material and had to patch something together. Not empowering to women, makes them look frumpy, demeaning.

  7. The worst outfit (skirt) I have ever seen… Looks cumbersome, way too long – Looks like the old bathing suits from the 1800s… PLEASE don’t go backwards LOL

  8. So disappointing! So many ladies are wearing this outfit, and it is not flattering on anyone. And these are strong, beautiful women in top condition. Whoever picked this outfit for this tournament sounds be fired. Seriously, each time I see it. I find myself distracted by how ugly and unattractive it is. By the way, it is too long, just barely advice their knees.

  9. This skirt is so ugly, I found myself thinking surely I am not the only one who thinks so. Sure enough I found this web page. Addidas, what were you thinking?! Women empowerment? Unless women empowerment=ugly and unattractive you did not achieve your goal.

  10. I am seriously going to have to root against anyone wearing this outfit. Carolyn Wozniaki… thank you for not putting that skirt on!! If anyone could have pulled it off, you might have been able to, but thanks for not putting it to test. Really the ugliest combination of what looks to be rags that I’ve seen on a tennis court.

  11. Adidas ladies outfit is awful. Skirt too long, most players are yanking at the waist. Next time have someone that plays tennis try it on!!!

  12. If that outfit is supposed to represent women’s empowerment, it’s totally insulting! It looks like a bunch of old rags pieced together and very unflattering to all wearing it. Who designed it, must have been some man. The first thing that came to my mind was frumpy. It is hideous and homely.

  13. Ugliest tennis outfit I’ve ever seen. It’s bulky, too long, with unmatched layers. Whoever designed this tennis outfit should be punished by having to wear it everyday for a year. Poor Jessica Pegula!

  14. Worst design ever. Even uglier than wrestling singlet Wozniaki is wearing. Unflattering on everyone wearing it. Makes even athletes look stumpy and frumpy! Would never buy this and shame on Adidas.


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