Coco Gauff doesn’t know what to spend her $3M US Open prize money on


Coco Gauff hosted a TikTok live after winning her first Grand Slam title at the US Open and earning $3 million as the tournament celebrated 50 years of equal prize money. Chatting with her fans, the teenager discussed things to do with her latest big check.

Coco Gauff smiling

When a fan suggested allocating funds to clear potential debts, Gauff chuckled and candidly shared her situation:

I’m 19, I don’t have any debt. I still live with my parents.

Moreover, the Delray Beach, Fla., native is not going to college, so she doesn’t have that major expense either:

I didn’t go to college, so I don’t have any student bills to pay.

Now officially the highest-ranked American WTA player, Gauff has earned over $11 million in her tennis career, half of which she acquired in 2023. While the world No.3 is enjoying the time of her life, thinking what to do with her new $3 million, Aryna Sabalenka is desperate for losing the US Open final and destroying her tennis racquets, despite rising to No.1 ranking and winning $1.5 million in prize money.


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