Alize Cornet boyfriend information: Who is Pierre Arfi?


In the realm of the ever-curious eye of public interest, Alize Cornet‘s romantic life is attracting attention. The French tennis star had apparently ended her long-term relationship with Michael Kuzaj and found love again with Pierre Arfi, her tennis coach.


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On her Instagram, you can still find photos of Cornet with her ex, Kuzaj. The last one, posted in July 2020, shows them kissing with scenic mountains in the background. As we can conclude from their social media posts, they were dating for more than five years, having known each other at least since 2014.

Not much is known about why Cornet and Kuzaj broke up, but the WTA player is now happily in love with Pierre Arfi. It turns out their relationship isn’t that new—they celebrated an anniversary in late November, which Cornet shared on Instagram. She posted several selfies with Arfi from around the world and pointed out how everything happens for a reason.

Alize Cornet

In a heartfelt caption dedicated to her big love, she wrote in French: “I understand better what that means now. All this time, you were my reason. And since you, everything makes sense.”


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Besides extensively traveling for work, the couple has enjoyed a number of vacations, including to Andalusia and Ibiza.

So, who is Pierre Arfi? According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s a tennis coach from France. Like Cornet’s ex, he used to work at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. Now, he’s an independent coach in the French Riviera, offering his services to players seeking training and tournament support.

Alize Cornet

Cornet, once ranked world No.11, is now at No.116. She’s been active in December, playing WTA 125 tournaments in France.

The 33-year-old has solidified her place in tennis history by setting a remarkable record for the most consecutive appearances in a Grand Slam main draw among women. Surpassing Ai Sugiyama’s previous record of 62, Cornet made her 63rd consecutive Grand Slam main draw appearance at the 2022 US Open.

Since then, she has further extended this astonishing feat to 67 consecutive appearances by participating in all four major tournaments throughout 2023. Continuing her extraordinary streak, Cornet is set to compete in her 68th consecutive major after receiving a wildcard entry for the 2024 Australian Open.

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