Naomi Osaka arrives in Australia, celebrates Christmas on the tennis court


Naomi Osaka has arrived in Australia, eager to launch her comeback at the December 31 – January 7 Brisbane International. The tennis champ, who recently became a mom, spent Christmas Day hustling on the court, proving her strong work ethic.

Naomi Osaka shared this snapshot on her Instagram on Christmas.

At 26 years old, Osaka is gearing up for her first tournament since the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis in September 2022. This four-time Grand Slam winner embarked on a life-changing journey when she welcomed her baby girl, Shai (which means “gift” in Hebrew), into the world in July. Motherhood has given Osaka a whole new outlook on life, and it’ll be intriguing to witness how it impacts her game. We know she’s very ambitious — her goal is to win eight more majors.

Naomi Osaka

Osaka revealed that during labor, her prevailing thought was, “I know that if I get through this, then everything else will feel very easy.” She also expressed that her pregnancy had been ‘kind of rough,’ detailing the various complications she faced in a recent interview with InStyle. “I don’t think people know how hard pregnancy is; no one really talks about it as much,” the young mom shared her experience.

After the Brisbane International, Osaka’s comeback will continue at the Australian Open, the major she’s won twice.


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