Badosa’s hint of ‘marriage’ stuns everyone, including Tsitsipas


During this week’s World Tennis League event in Abu Dhabi, Paula Badosa implied that she feels married to Stefanos Tsitsipas, which left everyone surprised, including the Greek ATP player himself.

The fun-loving couple, who started dating this spring, teamed up in mixed doubles as part of Team Kites at the December 21-24 exhibition tournament in the United Arab Emirates. Following their 6-4 victory over Team Eagles’ Daniil Medvedev and Sofia Kenin, Badosa disclosed during their on-court interview the playful ultimatum she had planned, had the match swung in favor of their opponents:

I mean, I think this was the test. Like, either we get divorced or this goes better and better. So that was the test today.

Tsitsipas got confused when his girlfriend referenced a divorce instead of a breakup: “You mean break up?” he asked. And then Badosa corrected herself: “Yeah. Divorce, no. Break up. Sorry.”

This prompted Tsitsipas to ponder whether his partner was implying the next stage of their relationship, while Badosa laughed at his remarks:

I was trying to wait for a moment. I was thinking, since when I was married or something. But apparently there are some hints in there.

The tennis world was taken by surprise when the couple unexpectedly revealed their relationship in early June, promptly sharing numerous intimate photos and videos of their time together.

On Sunday in Etihad Arena, the World Tennis League will host the finals between Eagles and Kites. (source: Sportskeeda)


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