The hottest new tennis shoes in 2024

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Step onto the court in 2024 with a fresh lineup of tennis shoes that are set to revolutionize your game. From the lightweight agility of the Asics Solution Speed FF 3 to the stability-focused design of the Nike GP Series, this year’s offerings are nothing short of game-changers. We’ll walk you through the hottest new releases.

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Asics Solution Speed FF 3

asics solution speed ff 3


This latest iteration of the Asics Solution Speed series builds upon its predecessors’ success, offering an enhanced experience for players. Featuring a revamped mesh upper, an improved Speedtruss system, and an innovative algorithmically designed outsole, the Solution Speed FF 3 boasts a lighter build and enhanced comfort, promising to elevate your performance on the court.

Asics Solution Speed FF 3 Mint/Blue Women's Shoes
Asics Solution Speed FF 3 Mint/Blue Women’s Shoes

In particular, engineered woven mesh in the upper replaces the TPU to provide a lighter and more comfortable playing experience. The Speedtruss system has been meticulously updated to deliver unparalleled flexibility and speed, granting players a crucial split-second advantage from the start. Complementing these advancements is the redesigned outsole, which strikes the perfect balance between grip and flexibility.

Asics Solution Speed FF 3 Wh/Tuna Blue Men's Shoes
Asics Solution Speed FF 3 Wh/Tuna Blue Men’s Shoes

This model is endorsed by Belinda Bencic and Alex de Minaur in professional tennis.

Nike GP Challenge

Nike GP Challenge

Successors of Nike GP Turbo, the GP Challenge 1 and GP Challenge Pro offer a dynamic blend of explosive energy, a seamless ride, and exceptional side-to-side stability. This is achieved through the integration of Zoom Air technology underfoot and an enhanced lock-in fit. Whether you’re a player who thrives on aggressive, high-intensity movements and requires maximum stability, or someone who values luxurious comfort and a smooth ride, the new GP Challenge shoes are an essential for your footwear collection.

Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1 Wh/Green/Black Men's Shoes
Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1 Wh/Green/Black Men’s Shoes

The GP Challenge 1 is a premium model that boasts two Zoom Air units for ultimate bounce  — one beneath the heel and another in the forefoot. The GP Challenge Pro only has one Zoom Air unit, in the heel, while under the forefoot the shoe features soft foam, so it’s still nice and comfortable.

Naomi Osaka's Nike tennis shoes
Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1 Osaka Bk/Gn Women’s Shoes

K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme 2

KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 Bk/Grey/Red Men's Shoes
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 Bk/Grey/Red Men’s Shoes

K-Swiss has positioned the Hypercourt Supreme as the flagship tennis shoe in its Hyper family, boasting supreme comfort and performance. The release of the Hypercourt Supreme 2 in January 2024 further enhances its focus on a secure fit, increased durability, and maximum comfort. The goal was to cater to a more intense level of court play, providing customers with enhanced security and stability while maintaining the comfort level of its predecessor.

KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 Gy/Wh/Li Women's Shoes
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme 2 Gy/Wh/Li Women’s Shoes

Linking back to the original model was crucial in advancing the silhouette, with a strong emphasis on fit, as tennis players are known to be particular about it. The designers ensured that the new model sustains the comfort and fit of its predecessor, making the transition seamless for users.

Adidas Barricade 13

adidas barricade 13 melbourne
Adidas Barricade 13 White/Black/Jade Women’s Tennis Shoes

Continuing its reputation as “the ultimate hard court shoe,” the Adidas Barricade 13 upholds its legacy with exceptional durability and stability. This latest iteration features enhancements for improved step-in comfort, including a new midsole, better collar fit, and a more flexible, breathable upper. For tennis players seeking a blend of performance and comfort, the Barricade 13 is a standout choice this season.

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  1. i’m sure these shoes are all very high tech but it seems none of them are actually shaped like feet and squash the toes together and don’t allow all the toes to properly flex and feel the ground. I am now a devotee of foot shaped shoes and use a brand called Tarkine. it would be interesting to see if players had less problems with their feet and better mobility if they used foot-shaped shoes.


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