Redfoo spills the beans: The truth about meeting Peyton Stearns for the first time


Singer Redfoo attracted a lot of attention when he sat in Peyton Stearns’ player box at Indian Wells, while all eyes were on him when he supported the American as she faced his ex-girlfriend Victoria Azarenka at the Miami Open. In a recent interview with, the musician talked about his appearances at the Sunshine Swing and his connection with the 22-year-old WTA player.

Peyton Stearns and Redfoo

Redfoo became a familiar face in the tennis community during the 2012-2014 period when he frequently appeared at tournaments alongside his then-girlfriend, former world No.1 Victoria Azarenka. Tennis has been a lifelong passion for the musician, with both his father and grandfather having played at the collegiate level. Redfoo’s own tennis journey began at the age of four and continued through his college years at California Lutheran University. His latest project is a tennis game called Timeball.

In the new interview, Redfoo discussed his newfound friendship with Stearns and his experiences at the Sunshine Swing. He revealed that his connection with Stearns began at the BNP Paribas Open:

Her coach knew a mutual friend of ours, and they reached out and said, “Would Redfoo be interested in sitting with the team in the box and doing his thing? You know, just to support Peyton.” And I said, “Yeah!”

So we went for her first match, and me and Coach Eric (Hechtman) hit it off. He was coaching her and I’m there, and it’s like one big support group. And then after she played against Sabalenka, they invited me back. They liked the ‘Foo energy!

Redfoo then also traveled to the Miami Open and made headlines when Stearns played his ex-girlfriend Azarenka in the second round. The 48-year-old pointed out that his sole intention was to cheer for Stearns and not against anyone:

Exactly, it’s all respectful. That’s what I want to make a point about too, it’s just support. Just like any other team member—it’s not against anyone, it’s all just for Peyton, for example.

As Redfoo reveals, Peyton enjoys his vocal support:

Sometimes the player is like, ‘No, that’s too much.’ But Peyton comes from the college tennis world, she’s used to a rowdy support box—she’s kind of like (Ben) Shelton, who’s used to all this noise.

Redfoo’s tennis tour in 2024 will not end in Miami. He plans to travel to Europe, so the French Open is on his likely schedule, as well as Cincinnati and the US Open tournaments.


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