All Pavlyuchenkova’s tattoos explained: avocado drinking wine, dancing skeleton, voilà!


In a recent Instagram video, world No.22 Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova reveals the stories behind many of her tattoos, offering a glimpse into their personal significance and the inspiration behind their designs.

Pavlyuchenkova starts the video with a lighthearted comment, joking, “Everybody’s asking me what’s the meaning of my tattoos,” before admitting in the caption, “TBH no one actually asked me.”

Closeup of Pavlyuchenkova's sakura flower tattoo
Closeup of Pavlyuchenkova’s Japan-inspired sakura flower tattoo

Among her collection, two tattoos stand out with their Japanese influence—the one adorning her right index finger and another on her left hand. These designs reflect her appreciation for Japanese culture and aesthetics.

Adding a touch of humor, she reveals a tattoo of a smiling face, placed as a reminder to always smile! There’s one on her hand that jokingly states “no meaning.”

pavlyuchenkova tattoos
Pavlyuchenkova has many tattoos on her hands

On her left foot she has an avocado with a glass of wine, because she likes avocado… and wine. Nearby is also a dancing skeleton.

Delving into her travels and experiences, Pavlyuchenkova explains the significance of the word “voilà” inked on her arm near the wrist. This tattoo pays homage to her time living in France and her fluency in French.

Pavlyuchenkova's Italian hand gesture tattoo
Italian hand gesture tattoo

The funniest tattoo is probably the one representing the most famous Italian hand gesture, which Pavlyuchenkova admits to adore.

Which tattoo is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below. Mine is definitely the avocado drinking wine.


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