Justine Henin’s opinion about grand slams

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Justine Henin’s reflections on the four grand slams are quite interesting, especially her opinion about the U.S. Open.

Wimbledon: “The people are really nice here. I’m not a great fan of England as a country but everyone’s really nice here. There’s a special type of atmosphere.”

Roland Garros: “In Paris, the public tends to warm to me a lot more and it’s like being at home.”

Australian Open: “I like it in Australia as well.”

US Open: “The US is the toughest. People seem to turn up to do anything except watch the actual tennis.”

Reminder: World No. 1 Henin possesses six titles from grand slams: Roland Garros (2003, 2005, 2006, 2007), Australian Open (2004), US Open (2003). She has no Wimbledon titles yet, but this year, as the top seed, she is highly likely to add that one to her collection. (via Wimbledon’s official site)


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