Sharapova on her best tennis moment, Novak Djokovic, and injury recovery process


In a latest doodle at her website, Maria Sharapova wrote about what has been going on in her life lately, and she said some interesting things. I’ve singled out Sharapova’s talk about her best on-court moment this year, her friendship with US Open finalist Novak Djokovic, and the latest information about her lingering shoulder injury.

  • Amazing Fed Cup final

Maria Sharapova had a wonderful time at the Fed Cup final in Moscow, when the Russian team won the title. Sharapova has never played for Russia, and many people said that she has been avoiding playing the Fed Cup. However, the world number four attended the final (probably to silence the critics!) and watched from the bench. What Maria said in the latest diary entry was that there at the Luzhniki arena she experienced the best moment on the tennis court in 2007. Whether this is true, or just Sharapova’s way of regaining love of the Russian team, it’s up to you to decide, but here’s what she said:

“It was honestly one of the coolest career experiences. Tennis is such an individual sport and you forget how great it is to be a ‘team-mate’ for a change. The girls did an amazing job of fighting it out from behind….nothing like a true Russian character! When Sveta asked me to join them for their flag run around, it was the best moment I had this year on a tennis court. All of us represent our country on a daily basis, but representing it in a team environment, in front of a home crowd, is a completely different feeling…pretty difficult to describe with words…I really can’t wait till next year’s Fed Cup.

  • Novak Djokovic?

There were many rumors that Sharapova and Djokovic are in love (I have already said that I don’t believe that’s true) and here’s what Sharapova said:

“You probably also saw me at the men’s finalI know I know…according to When Harry Met Sally, there’s no such thing as a guy’s and girl’s friendship…take my word for it, there’s nothing more to it than a friendship.

  • Shoulder injury update

Finally, Sharapova gave some details about how she handels her shoulder injury which has been bothering her since March:

“Flying tomorrow to see my shoulder doctor again for a check up. I just started serving this week so want to make sure he gives me the heads up to continue. After my career I am going to have an automatic degree in pectoral muscles and the Bursa! Just call me doctor Sharapova! Oh and after this week I might as well become a bio-mechanics specialist on the serve….I have seen more videos of serve motions this week than my entire life-time! Whatever it takes!!

Not quite sure yet when I will be ready to start but I will keep you updated!”


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